Why Does Your Husband Use A VPN (The 20 Reasons)

Did you get a glimpse of your husband using a VPN app on his phone or laptop? If you’re anything like my wife, your mind is going to a dark place straightaway. 

However, a vast majority of VPN users aren’t using them for nefarious purposes, and there’s an overwhelming chance that your husband is using a VPN for one of the reasons we’re covering here. 

I’m not going to go too technical in explaining each of these reasons, and I’ll try to keep them as short as I can. Hopefully, your mind will be at ease after reading this article.

1. He wants to browse privately

By browsing the internet, we leave our IP address, that’s basically our signature, on social media or anytime we leave a comment somewhere. 

A VPN will mask our real IP address to trick internet service providers like Verizon, AT&T, and Metro, as well as any other institutions or even the government. Using a VPN puts us back into the driver’s seat and lets us reclaim our privacy.

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I know what you’re thinking. What reasons does he have to browse privately? What is he hiding? 

Unfortunately, the list of people and institutions interested in our IP address is endless. From authorities, employers, criminals, advertisers, streaming and subscription services, hackers and scammers, everyone has an interest for one reason or another.  

By using a VPN, he’s not only protecting himself but also you and your family, as well as assets like money or property. Maybe try talking to him about it and see if you could be using a VPN as well. My wife doesn’t on to the internet without a VPN anymore as well. 

2. He’s trying to avoid online censorship

Some countries, even western ones, are restricting access to websites and services. The worst offender is China, and that’s why, by some estimates, more than 30% of people there are using VPNs. 

If you think only local people are using VPNs, you’re wrong. People traveling to these countries also have to use a VPN to access even the most basic services and websites such as Wikipedia or Gmail.  

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3. To stream videos without geo-restrictions

You may or may not know that streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Espn, Amazon Prime, or Disney+ have different movies and TV shows in different countries. Some of them aren’t even available outside of the US. 

That means that whenever you’re traveling abroad, you can’t access them to watch some of your favorite TV shows. VPNs can mitigate this issue and let you use what you paid for, fair and square. 

When you’re using a VPN, you can choose to connect to a server in almost any country in the world. As far as anyone online is concerned, you might as well be in that country, but you haven’t left your couch.

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4. VPNs help protect him from cyber attacks

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and even the news is full of stories of hacks, scams, and phishing attacks that affect the lives of everyday people. Cyberattacks don’t happen only to companies, institutions, or to “someone else.” They can and do happen to unsuspecting individuals. 

There’s a big chance that you know someone who was hacked, scammed, or otherwise affected by cybercriminals.

So again, VPNs are useful because they encrypt the network data that we’re sharing with websites when we’re, for instance, buying something with a credit card, typing in our passwords, or sharing other sensitive information with others.

Because VPNs encrypt (conceal, hide) the data, even if someone does intercept it, they can’t do anything with it.  

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5. His friends are using it

We’re basically sheep, and most of the time, if someone near and dear to us is using a product or a service and recommends it to us, we might buy it as well, even though we might have limited use for it. It’s just the way we are. 

Sometimes it’s peer pressure, other times it’s because we don’t want to look stupid in someone else’s eyes, etc.

6. He uses it for business purposes

Businesses, companies, sole proprietors, and even schools and universities and their students or workers all use VPNs on a regular basis.

We already mentioned that VPNs make our internet traffic secure and private, and for that reason, institutions are basically forced to use them to encrypt their sensitive information as well as to access internal and external networks safely. 

Your husband maybe doesn’t even want to use a VPN but is forced because his employer mandates it or he’s just used to using it by now, so he uses it privately as well.

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7. Your ISP is slowing down the internet

Internet service providers are notorious for slowing down internet speeds whenever they feel that you might be putting too much pressure on their network. 

This can happen if you watch a lot of movies, download a lot of data, play online video games, and a variety of other reasons that may or may not make sense.

This practice certainly isn’t fair as you’re paying good money to access the internet in any way you want and to use as much of the data as you see fit. Is it your fault that ISPs aren’t putting money back into their infrastructure and servers? Hardly.

A VPN hides your location and what you’re doing online and will therefore not have a reason to throttle the bandwidth.

8. He uses it to play games online

Somebody playing multiplayer video games has a lot of potentials to become a victim of swatting (calling S.W.A.T. to your address), DDoS attacks, the man in the middle attacks, malware, spyware, doxing, etc. ISPs also, as we just learned, love to throttle their internet speed. 

If your husband is playing online video games, he may be using a VPN to protect himself (and your family) or to connect to servers in different countries that are faster as they’re closer to the game company’s servers or to play with friends from different territories (Asia, Europe, the Middle East, etc.).

9. To download movies securely

Although you may have a couple of subscriptions to video streaming platforms such as Netflix or HBO, there are still many movies and TV shows that are on a different platform. 

It’s easier to download it from a torrenting website instead of buying another subscription or paying for a single movie. This is potentially illegal, and that’s why people are using VPNs to stay in the dark and torrent freely, securely, and without alarming a government institution.

10. He’s trying to save money online

Some companies, like airlines and hotels, have a different price tag for people coming from different countries or even states. When you use a VPN, you can choose to look like you’re coming from a different country, state, or even city. 

Savvy internet shoppers use VPNs regularly to get lover prices on trips, stays, products, and services. Now, you might not describe your husband as savvy or a shopper, so this might raise some red flags 😉 

Still, using a VPN for this purpose is an everyday occurrence.  

11. They’re cheap

VPNs are extremely cheap if you get a multi-year contract and can cost only a couple of bucks a month. Your husband might have seen a good price and bought a VPN on a whim. Now he might as well keep using it, even though he doesn’t even know what exactly it’s for. 

They’re also a good value for money as most of them do exactly what it says on the tin – give you secure and private access to the internet for up to 3, 5, 10, or even unlimited devices.

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12. To have secure VOIP calls

With so many people working from home, the line between business and private is getting thinner. VOIP calls are now a daily existence at work and outside of it. 

Using a VPN to encrypt these types of phone calls makes sense, as you never know who might be trying to listen in.

13. For browsing on public WiFi

Public WiFis are convenient and often life-saving. They’re everywhere, from Starbucks to airports. And, although we might be connecting to them without a second thought, thinking that they’re perfectly safe, the truth is nowhere near that.

Public WiFis are notorious for being like an open buffet for anyone with skills to hack into them. If a cybercriminal spends just one day collecting data from a public network, they can have more than enough data to sign in to various accounts and services. 

NEVER use public WiFi without a VPN connection. 

14. To apply for services outside of the country

More and more websites and services are putting geo-restrictions to their platforms that no one outside of their country can access. So, if you want to access a website in the UK, for instance, and it doesn’t let anyone outside of it to enter, you have to use a VPN.

Many people are forced to use VPNs when traveling simply to access something that they paid for, but that doesn’t allow them access because they’re abroad at the moment. 

15. He’s watching local content or sports

Sports websites often restrict their content to certain territories because of TV and streaming rights. That’s why we have to resort to VPNs – to unlock the content. This is also true for localized content that may not be broadcast outside of certain states, for example.

People outside of the US are “victims” of these streaming rights policies the most.

16. To avoid targeted ads

Ads. No one likes them, and no one wants them, yet, we’re bombarded by them. There’s also the fact that advertisers and their ad campaigns literally follow us, wherever we go online. 

There are also examples of bus stop billboards that show ads based on who’s standing beside them. Creepy.

Again, to escape advertisers, we have to resort to VPNs that will mask our identity and stop advertisers in their tracks. 

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17. For research

Anyone working in digital marketing, for instance, knows how important it is to research things from different perspectives, including how stuff works online when accessing from different countries or devices. 

With VPN, you can connect to a server in most parts of the world and thus access websites as anyone from that country would.

18. To watch porn

You were probably expecting this. And, yes. Your husband is watching some skin-on-skin action. You might think that he’s using VPN to watch some incredibly nasty videos, but, truth be told, he doesn’t need VPN for that. 

However, some countries have imposed bans on pornography and that’s why you need a VPN to bypass the ban. 

19. To keep messaging private

Although most messaging services claim that they encrypt messages between people, that may or may not be true. With a VPN, you’re basically adding additional encryption to your messaging with colleagues, friends, or family. 

Could this be used for cheating? Probably. But using a VPN for this purpose is overkill and basically unnecessary.

20. He’s cheating 

And, last but not least, he’s cheating. No, not on you! But in video games. Duh! 

You see, most online video games will give you a ban if you misbehave or cheat in a game.

It’s easy to ban someone if you know their IP address.

If a gaming company bans your IP address, you will have to use a VPN to hide it in the future (or in the first place). Guys will use VPNs to get around IP bans in all sorts of online games, but VPNs also work with services like Discord or Twitch, for example.

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And there you have it, 20 reasons why your husband might be using a VPN. These are down-to-earth reasons for normal people. If your husband is a low-life, criminal, politician, or something similar, then yes, he might be using a VPN app to conceal illegal or immoral conduct. 

No one knows your husband more than you do, and the solution to your suspicion is to talk to him without judgment as the reason why he’s using a VPN is probably easy to explain. 

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