Safest torrenting clients

Verdict: Safest Torrenting Client 

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BitTorrent is the safest torrenting client. It is easy to use and offers a bunch of features. When paired with a solid VPN, you can engage in P2P sharing without exposing yourself. The free version does an excellent job of making sure their ads don’t have malicious features. 

If you get the paid version of the client, you gain access to a security suite that checks files and ensures they are malware and virus-free. You can protect your devices and your privacy while enjoying your torrent material. 

What Makes a Torrenting Client Safe 

When you are looking for the safest torrenting client, you want a few things. Many torrent files can have malware, spyware, and viruses built into downloads. These files can attach to your device and give up a lot of your personal information. 

A good client will have ways of scanning files for malicious files. You may have to pay a premium for these security features, but you have the option to get the protection. 

Some torrenting clients don’t use ads. No ads can help keep you safe from scams and accidental downloads. 

Is Torrenting Illegal? 

Torrenting is perfectly legal. Where people get in trouble is when they start to download copyrighted material. Torrents are an excellent tool for downloading shareware programs, public domain material, and royalty-free music. These are legal to download, but they aren’t always safe. 

You can also purchase some files in torrent form. Creators use this to help avoid costs associated with using large bandwidth on their site for downloads. Purchased torrents from content creators are entirely legal. 

File sharing suitable material can be legal, but it can still be rife with security issues. When you are torrenting, your data is available to anyone else who is downloading the same files. That is why it is helpful to use a VPN even when downloading legal files. 

Top Five Safe Torrenting Clients 

Here are the top five best torrent clients for you to use. Some of these are entirely free torrent clients, while others offer premium features that can help you avoid malware and viruses. 

No matter how safe the client is, downloading torrents still puts a lot of trust in the torrent file. If you are getting files from different sources, you may want to read reviews to make sure the files don’t have malicious material. 

1. BitTorrent 


BitTorrent is one of the oldest and most trusted torrent clients out there. They have been sharing torrents since 2001. It is a simple to use client that works on Windows, Mac, and Android. 

You can get the Pro version that offers you security features and more info on each torrent. You can also get a no-ad version and a free version of the client. 

While using BitTorrent, you can earn tokens from seeding. These tokens allow you to get faster speeds on every download. 

2. Vuze 


Vuze started as a torrent client in 2003 as Azureus. It took on the name Vuze in 2006 and offered users access to I2P content (Invisible Internet Project).

Its lightweight structure allows you to download torrents without slowing down your computer to run the client. Even though it is resource-light to run, you still gain an attractive interface that is intuitive to use. 

There is a free Vuze client and an ad-free version that offers a few other useful features. It is easy to use and provides a lot of settings to control all your downloads. 

3. qBittorrent


qBittorent is a fan favorite in the torrent world. It offers users a lot of features on an easy-to-use system. Windows, Mac, and Linux users can download the client. The best part of qBittorrent is that it is ad-free.

You can donate to the software to help keep the product free, but you don’t have to, and you still gain access to all the features. 

The biggest downside is that you don’t get any security features. It is up to you to make sure your files don’t have viruses. 

For a free, lightweight client, qBittorrent can help you out without the annoying and possible dangerous ads. 

4. Deluge 


Deluge is the most lightweight program on this list. You can add plugins to get any feature you want. The client is highly configurable, so it can give you the options and resources you want. 

The downside to making the program so small is that it can be a little less user-friendly. It may not be the best option for people that like point-and-click options. If you are pretty comfortable with tech, this can become your favorite client.   

5. Transmission


Transmission is a great choice for Mac users. It is one of the few options that started with Mac. It is now offering a beta version for Windows users, but it still focuses on Mac. 

You can use 3rd party add-ons with Transmission that allow you to customize the client for how you want to use it. Even without these extras, you still get a very well-made and easy-to-use torrent client.  

How a VPN Makes Torrenting better 

Using the right VPN can help you stay safe when you are torrenting. Every time you download a file on a P2P system, a lot of your information can become available. You can give up your IP address, your physical address, and even more. 

A VPN will help you protect your information. It can keep you safer and more private in all your online interactions, including torrenting. If you find the right VPN, you can also increase your torrenting speeds. A good VPN can help you enjoy torrenting more. 

Protects Your Location 

A VPN can help you keep your location more secure. It does this in a few ways. First, it hides your IP address, which 3rd parties can use, especially when torrenting, to find your location. 

A VPN can tell people that you are in a completely different geographical location. You can use your virtual location to gain access to geo-restricted content, giving you more options for torrenting items.

A VPN with a kill switch is essential when torrenting. If your VPN discounts, your device goes offline. You can override the kill switch, but it ensures that you don’t continue file sharing with your data exposed. Even if you walk away from your computer, you’ll know your data stays safe. 

Hide Your Torrent History  

Some clients try to share your torrenting history to give a more community feel to the sharing experience. However, like all information, some people found a way to use this against you. With a VPN, you can keep your torrent information safe. 

Every time you log in to your VPN, you are starting with a clean slate. Users are not able to see what else or how much you have downloaded in the past. You can avoid people snooping on your habits this way and give out less data about yourself. 

Encrypts Your Data 

VPNs can employ a lot of different types of encryptions. You can make it so that other users can’t read the information you send out over the internet. Even if a 3rd party can get a packet of your data, they won’t be able to read it without first deciphering it. 

Depending on the VPN, the level of encryption can change, but any form of encryption will keep your information safer. There are too many people out there not protecting their data, so finding encrypted data usually results in people discarding those packets in favor of more accessible options. 

Avoid ISP Speed Throttling

Internet service providers will monitor your activity, and if they feel you are using too much data, they will slow you down. It is a practice called throttling. It can make downloading files harder by turning your speeds into a crawl. It can make torrenting much more annoying. 

When you use a VPN, you can avoid this problem. ISPs can’t monitor what data you are using when you connect to your VPN. The only speed that matters for you is the server speed for the VPN. You want to find an option that gives you fast connections so you can download at full speed.

Best VPNs for Torrenting 

If you want to add more safety for torrenting, a few VPNs can help you. You will see VPNs that offer incredible speeds, robust protection, and affordable pricing. 

You will learn about the features each of these VPNs offer that makes torrenting safer and better. You can pick the one that will work the best for you based on what you are trying to do when downloading files. 

1. NordVPN


NordVPN is one of the most popular and feature-heavy VPNs available. You can connect to over 5,400 servers in 59 countries. NordVPN has dedicated servers for torrenting. P2P servers maximize your speed while still keeping your data and information private. 

You get one of the faster speeds from any VPN available. It makes torrenting much smoother. You can share files fast without throttling. You get the best mix of speed and security with NordVPN for using torrenting clients. 

NordVPN isn’t the cheapest VPN option, but it gives you many extra features that you don’t get everywhere else. It is a VPN option that does excellent for almost every activity a VPN can do. 

2. ProtonVPN


ProtonVPN started with the goal of helping people keep all of their information safe on the internet. They created an email client and a VPN to help make this goal possible. They also started ProtonVPN to offer one of the most privacy-friendly VPN options out there. 

You get access to top-end encryption and the safest protocols online. They have over 1,200 servers in 55 countries. Over 190 servers are dedicated to P2P sharing. 

ProtonVPN gives you some of the best data and information protection out there. However, it doesn’t always offer the highest speeds. It is a fantastic option if you are trying to keep your data safe.   

3. Surfshark


Surfshark is one of the most affordable options to get privacy protection from a VPN. You can use all 3,200 of their servers for your P2P activity. It allows you to use more servers for P2P than the other VPN option on this list. 

You gain helpful security features that help keep your data private and encrypted with Surfshark. It will keep your information hidden when you are sharing files.  

Surfshark isn’t the fastest VPN available, but it can still be beneficial for P2P sharing with all the other features. If you want to keep torrenting safe and affordable, you can save some money with Surfshark. 

Free VPN for Torrenting

A free VPN sounds great for torrenting. However, it’s not a viable option for safety, speed, and data. Most free VPNs have restrictions against torrenting and will stop you from doing it. They have redirects that will tell you that torrenting is not allowed on the free VPN. 

Some VPNs limit data so that you can’t download too much, even if they allow you to torrent. Some of these limits can be minuscule. You wouldn’t be able to share anything with how little they allow you to use in a day. 

One more concern about free VPNs is that they may collect your data and sell it. Even trustworthy free options will still use your information to target ads at you. That indicates that they are watching and recording your activity. 

Free VPNs can be overly restrictive. They may also be unsafe in some cases, even when using the safest torrenting client. It is better to avoid the free options and find less expensive VPNs that are safer to use. 

Final Thoughts  

When you use the safest torrenting client and a robust VPN, you will be able to download the files you need without giving up your information. The less information you are giving out when torrenting, the more fun you’ll have file sharing. 

Enjoy your safer P2P experience while collecting the files you need.