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$4.08 /mo

  • Jurisdiction: Canada
  • Advanced Privacy Features: R.O.B.E.R.T. (Blocks IPs and domains (ads)), Firewall on desktop client, Secure Hotspot, Proxy Gateway, Double Hop (Double VPN)
  • Number of Servers and Countries: Servers in over 63 countries and 110 cities
  • Streaming and P2P: Yes

Developed to provide powerful features within sacrificing functionality, Windscribe is the best of both worlds. A VPN that packs on the features, with a free version of the platform available to provide excellent quality services for all. With a focus on circumventing censorship and support for a range of OS’s, Windscribe has a lot to offer.

Want to know more about Windscribe? Our Windscribe VPN review is an excellent place to start. With everything from customer reviews to information about the free plan the platform offers, our Windscribe review has all you need to know. Read on now:

What is Windscribe VPN?

Windscribe is a Canada-based VPN company, offering both free and ‘pro’ plan VPN services to customers worldwide.

Windscribe is a company that takes privacy seriously, offering comprehensive protection for users, and maintaining a significant focus on getting rid of censorship online. Their privacy policy is written with transparency, allowing the average person to understand their no-logging policy quickly and easily. The platform also uses OpenVPN protocol, another plus for the service thanks to its open-source nature.

It is worth noting that Windscribe does store certain information about account usage. Primarily, the purpose of this is to ensure that a single account is used for a single person, preventing individuals from sharing their account with others without paying the cost of a secondary account. This is measured through bandwidth in real-time and dealt with on a case-by-case basis – all of which is described in perfect clarity on their website.

Does Windscribe offer a free plan?

One of the most appealing things about choosing the Windscribe download above other VPNs on the market is the generous free plan the platform offers. While other VPNs offer a short-term trial to get to grips with their services or limited free VPN plans, Windscribe goes the full mile with a free, instantly downloadable option of their VPN. The free plan includes limited data, a reduced amount of locations, and no config options. However, it’s still a reliable option for those that can’t afford a VPN or prefer an extensive trial before purchase.

What features are included in Windscribe VPN?

Both Windscribe free VPN and Windscribe pro VPN takes security seriously for its customers. A powerful feature known as R.O.B.E.R.T. provides an effective way to block all IPs and domains, keeping your experience ad-free. AES-256 encryption is used with SHA512 authorization to ensure your data is under lock and key. On the pro version, you can even generate configs for OpenVPN IKEv2 and SOCKS for every connected device.

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A secure hotspot and firewall are also included within the desktop application while changing your time zone, auto-deletion of cookies and GPS spoofing are all included with Windscribe Chrome and Firefox extensions. Stealth mode, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch are all included as standard, further boosting your security through this particular service.

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Beyond security, Windscribe also stacks up the servers, with over 63 countries and 110 cities included in their network. While the exact number of servers isn’t provided, with numbers like that, you can expect them to be in the hundreds at the very least. Speed-wise, the pro version of Windscribe is faster than its free option, though that’s the be expected – and both options provide plenty for basic streaming and browsing usage.

What operating systems are supported for Windscribe?

Windscribe supports all the usual options when it comes to VPNs, including Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop applications. Browser extensions for Firefox, Opera, and Chrome are also on offer, as well as smartphone VPN apps for iOS and Android. While some VPNs might stop there, Windscribe goes one step further with support for Amazon FireTV, Nvidia Shield, and KODI for your TV – as well as support for individual routers, too. Whatever device you have, Windscribe likely has a VPN for you.

Can you stream?

At the time of our Windscribe review, streaming trough VPN is supported on both the free and pro versions of the service – though, of course, the pro version offers unlimited bandwidth and more servers to choose from. In terms of Windscribe Netflix access, there’s even a dedicated Windflix server to use for the US platform. Amazon Prime, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer as equally as unblocked and available, allowing you to stream away to your heart’s content.

Can you torrent?

In addition to streaming, Windscribe also supports P2P VPN servers for torrenting, with a wide range of locations supported. You can also torrent from a free plan, but again that bandwidth limit may be a factor in getting those torrents moving quickly – so if you’re heavily into the torrenting scene, going pro might be your best option.

How much does Windscribe VPN cost?

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You can download Windscribe at no cost whatsoever if you don’t mind a few minor restrictions on your VPN experience. But if you want to go the whole hog for this service, $9 per month isn’t too bad a price at all. A new feature that Windscribe offers is the ability to build your own plan and pay an amount that suits your needs instead of a set fee. Not bad at all if you want a VPN to suit a specific need, and simply won’t use all the locations on offer in the full pro edition.

Customer experience

What do customers like about Windscribe? Here are a few real customer reviews of this platform to get you started:

“Started with the free plan, and it was so exceptional that when I’ve seen the lifetime sale, I made the switch to paid service. Never looked again for another VPN.”

“Windscribe is a good and reliable VPN, its cheap and I haven’t had any problems with it so I 100% recommend everyone to try it out.”

“Really easy to use but only get 10GB free, I pay for this now and get unlimited so recommend if you’re happy to pay… they do really good student discount”

With a comprehensive free plan, plenty of added features, and fully unblocked streaming, Windscribe is a great fit for VPN users of all types. Even better, that unlimited free plan means you can get a feel for this service before you click ‘purchase’ on the pro account. As a paid-for and free VPN option, we’d recommend Windscribe as a good option – but don’t forget to do your own research to find out which VPN is the ideal fit for you.

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