4.0 / 5.0
  • Jurisdiction: USA
  • Advanced Privacy Features: Kill Switch
  • Number of Servers and Countries: 1300 servers across 50 countries
  • Streaming and P2P: No

SaferVPN offers an online VPN service targeted at better cybersecurity, online anonymity, and of course, a higher standard of safety as the name suggests. With an international team and low-cost pricing, SaferVPN aims to offer the best of both worlds: a high standard of security and excellent quality of service.

Read on to find out more about SaferVPN, from whether this platform can unblock Netflix to real SaferVPN reviews from users to give you some insight into whether this service is right for you. Take a look now:

What is SaferVPN?

SaferVPN is a part of the broader family of products available from Safer Social Ltd., an Israel-based development company. Since 2013, SaferVPN has taken its operation international with offices in the US in addition to its base in Tel Aviv. Like other VPNs on the market, this platform puts security and privacy as their number one priority – and the company is well-known for fighting against censorship online.

In terms of transparency, the goals of SaferVPN are clear. They state on their website that they are part of both NetProtect and the VPN Trust Initiative. Both of these groups are aimed at improving online security and reducing censorship. Open-source technology like OpenVPN is part of what SaferVPN offers, further adding to the credibility of this specific service.

What does SaferVPN have to offer?

If you’re considering a SaferVPN trial, knowing what features the platform has to offer is a great place to start. Firstly, SaferVPN provides a no-logging policy. However, their privacy policy does state that certain information is kept for use in the case of unlawful activity – which is something to be mindful of. SaferVPN offers a range of different protocols, from OpenVPN to PPTP to IKEv2, so you can pick which you like best or set the protocol to automatic. Finally, a kill switch is included as standard, to prevent your data or information from being leaked.

The company currently advertises 1300 servers across 50 countries – making it a far more comprehensive option than many smaller-scale VPNs on the market. SaferVPN also states that their VPN is one of the fastest on offer, and customer reviews seem to back this claim up. Add on the 256-bit encryption that’s included on the platform, and SaferVPN might be a serious contender for many potential VPN users or those looking to switch to a different platform.

Which OS’s are supported for SaferVPN?

SaferVPN offers a comprehensive list of different apps for their service. All the essentials are catered for, including Windows, Linux, and Mac For mobile users, iOS and Android are also included on the list, as well as browser-based extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Router support is also offered, though this requires a more manual install and a specific type of router. Some of which are listed on the SaferVPN website for purchase directly through the developer.

Can I stream with SaferVPN?

If you’re a fan of streaming, whether it’s watching shows or playing games, SaferVPN is a reliable option. Unlimited bandwidth makes it ideal for streaming in HD, and the desktop apps even provide guidance to find the best US and UK streaming servers to unblock Netflix, iPlayer, Hulu, or whatever else you like to watch.

Can you torrent with SaferVPN?

Unlike many modern VPNs, SaferVPN does not currently provide P2P options. This means you aren’t able to torrent through their service, which can be a significant problem for users that want to do just that. If you’re after an anonymous, fast torrenting platform, then SaferVPN probably isn’t the right fit for you.

What does SaferVPN cost?

In terms of costs, SaferVPN certainly isn’t at the lower end of the price point. At the time of this review, $12.95 was the cost for a single month’s subscription – a high price considering there are options on the market for half that rate. Both one year and three-year options are available, with significant savings, but you have to be willing to commit in the long-term. With just a 24-hour SaferVPN free trial, you don’t get the chance to explore the service before you part with your hard-earned cash.

User experience

What do real users think of the SaferVPN experience? Here are a few customer reviews to get you started:

“Been a customer for over a year now and have successfully used Safer in a number of different countries. I can commend the assistance given on the very few occasions I have needed it so buy with confidence !”

“I travel and SaferVPN keeps my data and personal information safe. Whenever I enter any business that has a wi-fi available that is not secured, my SaferVPN kicks in, and my devices and the data they contain are safe.”

“I have used SaferVPN in several countries and under different circumstances and it’s always worked to my expectations.”

Is SaferVPN worth the price tag?

With a solid reputation, a commitment to privacy, and high-quality customer support, SaferVPN has all the hallmarks of an excellent VPN service. The only things that let this platform down, and may make a SaferVPN download less appealing, is the lack of P2P and the higher monthly cost. But if those problems aren’t an issue, SaferVPN might be the viable, robust, and dependable option for you.