privatevpn review

The Fastest Growing VPN


$3.82 /mo

  • Jurisdiction: Sweden
  • Advanced Privacy Features: Kill Switch
  • Number of Servers and Countries: 100+ servers across 60 locations
  • Streaming and P2P: Yes

Sweden-based PrivateVPN is one in the newer generation of online VPNs popping up from brand-new providers. Developed with simplicity and customer service in mind over a long list of features and additions, PrivateVPN claims to do exactly what it says on the tin as well as it possibly can – no more, no less. If getting back to basics is your style, this VPN might be for you.

Read on for our full PrivateVPN review, including supported systems, the best features, torrenting support, and more. We’ve even included some PrivateVPN reviews from customers to help you get a feel for this platform in particular:

What is PrivateVPN?


PrivateVPN is owned by a Swedish company called Privat Kommunikation Sverige AB and was founded in 2009 to provide an alternative to the more complicated, feature-packed options on the market. For those looking for a more straightforward VPN, PrivateVPN caters to you. However, it’s worth noting that the privacy of this particular VPN isn’t quite as unshakeable as the top options on the list.

Their privacy policy even states that the company collects IP and cookies information, which may be sold to a third-party. Not so transparent, then – despite the Swedish privacy laws that state that no traffic logs are kept. Beyond that essential information sharing, however, PrivateVPN won’t have access to any additional data. But it’s something worth thinking about.

What does PrivateVPN offer to users?

privatevpn features

If you’re considering a PrivateVPN free trial, knowing the features you get is the best way to get the most out of the platform. As the company states plainly, this VPN isn’t bursting with thousands of things to see and do. Instead, you get a pared-back service that boasts secure encryption, freedom from monitoring, and a range of protocols. PrivateVPN also has a kill switch option available, but only for Windows currently.

One hundred servers across 60 locations are what PrivateVPN is advertising at the time of this review, though the company states that they are continually growing that number. In comparison to some of the biggest options on the market, this number is on the low side – but it all depends on what you’re looking to do if you want to know whether PrivateVPN is suited to you. The platform also advertises incredible speeds, but while the servers are reliable, their speed is around average, rather than on the speedy side.

What operating systems are supported?

privatevpn devices

In comparison to some of the other lesser-known VPNs out there, PrivateVPN has a comprehensive list of supported devices and operating systems. PC, Mac, and Linux are included, as well as iOS and Android for mobile users. TOR is even supported, too, as well as routers from specific companies such as ASUS, Synology, Tomato, and more. With the ability for simultaneous use on six different devices, PrivateVPN comes out on top in terms of usability for a multi-person account.

Is streaming supported for PrivateVPN?

unblock netflix

On PrivateVPN, Netflix streaming is not only possible – it’s encouraged. The platform provides specific servers labeled to unblock Netflix, unblock BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, and more. While it may be more of a manual process to select a specific ‘streaming server,’ it’s worth the results – with immediate access to high-quality streaming across all of your supported devices.

Does PrivateVPN support torrenting?

PrivateVPN offers unlimited P2P file sharing on their servers, making them ideal for torrenting with a VPN. Combined with a no-logs policy, plus unlimited bandwidth, this VPN is a great candidate if you’re looking for something to support torrenting particularly. Unlike streaming, PrivateVPN for torrenting is offered across the whole platform.

How much does PrivateVPN cost?

privatevpn pricing

As with many online VPNs, PrivateVPN offers a range of subscriptions to its users. One month costs $7.67, making it on the higher end of the middle-price bracket, while a year costs $49.68 at the time of this review. While this isn’t the most affordable option on the market, it’s by no means the most expensive – especially if you commit for a year. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s plenty of opportunities to get a refund if the platform isn’t to your liking.

User experience

What do real customers think of PrivateVPN? Here are a few user reviews to provide a little extra insight:

“Private VPN are great. I use them to access geo-restricted content abroad. If ever there is a service issue they are really responsive to contact emails & quick to resolve/ find alternatives if broadcasters block there IP”

“A great service, really deblocking everything everywhere and it truly works. And if you encounter any difficulties they are right there to help out, immediately!”

“Excellent VPN, absolutely top class technical support. Nothing but praise for this application.”

Should you buy PrivateVPN?

With plenty of positive user experiences and a relatively solid reputation, it is a great option for those looking for basic streaming or torrenting functionalities. They’ve also got a responsive, in-house support team, which sweetens the deal. For those looking for an intensive VPN or one for gaming, PrivateVPN may not be the right fit – but in all fairness, that’s not what the platform advertises itself as. Simple, dependable, and reliable. Worth a go in our book.


privatevpn review

The Fastest Growing VPN