nordvpn review

Fast & Secure VPN


$3.49 /mo

  • Jurisdiction: Panama
  • Advanced Privacy Features: Double VPN, Onion over VPN, Kill Switch
  • Number of Servers and Countries: 5400 servers in 59 countries
  • Streaming and P2P: Yes
Pros / Cons
  • Panama based
  • 3rd party audited
  • Huge servers network
  • Double VPN, Onion over VPN
  • No significant downsides

NordVPN is probably one of the best VPN services around. It’s affordable, has a reliable no-log policy, and gives you access to a huge network of secure servers worldwide. Our NordVPN review will help you decide if this VPN is the right option for your needs.

What Is NordVPN?

NordVPN has been around since 2012. It has established itself as one of the top VPN service providers by delivering fast speeds, secure encryption, and always extending its network of servers and locations.

The apps and extensions are easy to install and use. There are a number of built-in features designed to help you protect your traffic and establish a secure connection even if you’re new to using a VPN. The NordVPN can help you find the best server for your needs and establish a secure connection in a few clicks.

Besides offering an intuitive interface, the NordVPN client can block ads, help you perform a DNS leak test, and hide your IP address. You can protect up to six devices with a single account and access thousands of servers worldwide.


Jurisdiction and Privacy Laws

The company operates from Panama. It is a country with a strong privacy laws. There are no legal requirements to save or share your data. Servers don’t save any data associated with your online activities, and it’s  legal for NordVPN to not save this information under Panama’s jurisdiction.

How Transparent Is NordVPN?

Many users like Nord VPN because this service provider has discussed privacy practices openly in interviews. The founders also chose Panama because they wanted to offer a safe and private VPN service.

Here is the data Nord VPN collects:

  • Your email address
  • Your billing information
  • Anonymous data used for analytics that improve user experience

Note that paying with a credit card could tie a name to your NordVPN account. You can remain anonymous by purchasing a subscription with a prepaid card.

PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted an independent audit of NordVPN and found that the VPN service provider abided by its no-log policy and respected everything in its privacy policy.

If you want to take a look at the coding of the Nord VPN client, there is a NordPy open-source package for Linux users, as well as a NordVPN-bin package.

Which Devices Does NordVPN Support?


You can connect to the internet with up to six devices under a single subscription. You can use NordVPN with the following devices:

  • Windows computers
  • MacOS computers
  • Android phones and tablets
  • iOS mobile devices
  • Any device that runs Linux

Advanced users can install a Nord VPN app on their router. The configuration process is a little more complex, but this approach encrypts all the internet traffic coming from your house. You can install NordVPN on your router to protect additional devices, including your Smart TV or gaming system.

NordVPN Browser Extensions

nordvpn chrome

Nord VPN offers proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox. The purpose of these extensions is to encrypt traffic that goes through these browsers and hide ads. However, browser extensions won’t hide connections and activities from other programs.

Advanced NordVPN Features

NordVPN offers advanced features to help preserve your privacy.

nordvpn features

Onion Over VPN

Some NordVPN servers support Onion Over VPN. This solution routes your traffic from a Nord VPN server to the Onion network. You would typically need to use the Tor browser to access the Onion network, but the NordVPN app eliminates the need for this dedicated browser.

The Onion network acts as a relay system that routes encrypted traffic from one node to another. Each node is a volunteer-operated server that only accesses information about the next node they should route traffic to. Information about the original and final destination of your request remains hidden.

Kill Switch

There are different factors that can interrupt your VPN connection. In this event, your ISP and third-party could see your IP address and activity.

The kill switch feature interrupts your connection and prevents data from leaking if it can’t detect a secure VPN connection. The kill switch feature will disable internet access on mobile devices and block certain applications from accessing the internet on a computer.

Dedicated IP

Some NordVPN servers have a dedicated IP feature. You can request a dedicated IP to prevent red flags from going up when you shop online or log into a Netflix account since you won’t log from a different IP every time.

Double VPN

Some servers support Double VPN. This feature routes your traffic through two Nord VPN servers. It encrypts your traffic twice, and the second server only knows what the IP of the first server is.

Is NordVPN Fast?

Nord VPN claims to be the fastest VPN experience on the planet, and independent speed tests have confirmed this claim.

You can expect fast streaming speeds with HD video quality, no bandwidth limits, and no throttling.

How Many Servers and Locations Are Available?

The many locations available are one of the reasons why we wrote a positive NordVPN review. NordVPN has a huge network of servers all over the world, including:

  • Over 2,200 servers in North America, including P2P servers in the US.
  • More than 2,000 servers in Europe with features like P2P, dedicated IP, and more.
  • 100+ servers in Africa, the Middle East, and India.
  • More than 600 servers in the Asia Pacific region.

Can You Unblock Streaming Services with NordVPN?

nordvpn streaming

Nord VPN has more than 5,000 servers available worldwide. Users easily unblocking Netflix in several regions, as well as services like BBC iPlayer, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, and more.

Does NordVPN Support Torrents and P2P File Sharing?

Nord VPN has thousands of servers optimized for P2P. The VPN also clearly claims to be P2P-friendly, and the no-log policy and fast speed make NordVPN an ideal option for file sharing.

How Much Does NordVPN Cost?


NordVPN doesn’t offer a free tier. There are different subscription options to choose from:

  • $11.95 a month if you go month-by-month.
  • $6.99 a month if you subscribe for a year.
  • $4.99 a month if you buy a two-year plan.
  • You can save the most with the three-year plan that costs only $3.49 a month.


After doing some research for our NordVPN review, we can confirm that NordVPN is one of the best VPN service providers around. It outperforms other services in independent speed tests, and there is a reliable third-party audit that has confirmed the no-log policy. The huge selection of servers, advanced security features, and affordable price are additional reasons to choose NordVPN.

nordvpn review

Fast & Secure VPN