4.2 / 5.0
  • Jurisdiction: Netherlands
  • Advanced Privacy Features: –
  • Number of Servers and Countries: 100+ servers
  • Streaming and P2P: Yes

GooseVPN is all about the security and ease of use – at least, that’s what it states prominently on its website. With a stylish orange theme and a focus on providing a smart, seamless solution for users, this platform places more emphasis on how practical it is to use over the features included. An unusual approach in an industry where server counts and unblocking capabilities are often shouted about from the first second.

Is GooseVPN as different as it first appears? Our GooseVPN review will provide you with all the insight you need, from Netflix streaming to real customer reviews. Read on now to find out more:

What is GooseVPN?

Goose VPN, styled as GOOSE VPN on their website, is a Netherlands-based VPN service. Advertising themselves as the ‘Dutch VPN’, GooseVPN clearly states their no-log policy on their website, which is backed up in their privacy policy. The only thing the company keeps is a record of bandwidth use per account, which is pretty standard in the industry as a whole.

However, in terms of transparency, GooseVPN falls behind its peers. There’s no direct information about the team, and the ‘about us’ section doesn’t include anything other than information about the service, rather than the people behind it. The company is owned by GOOSE B.V., a Dordrecht-based limited company. Despite knowing little about the origins or details of the company, the Netherlands certainly isn’t a bad location jurisdiction-wise, which is a tick in this VPN’s favor.

What are the key benefits for GooseVPN?

Security is a crucial feature for GooseVPN, as it is with any VPN on the market. Despite mentioning the security that their VPN provides, this platform doesn’t particularly offer any insight or information into the type of encryption or even the protocol options available on their website. You have to dig a little deeper to discover their use of 256-big AES encryption, and the fact the platform uses OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols.

In terms of the size of GooseVPN’s operation, again, the information on their website is very vague. Not an ideal trait when it comes to potential customers researching which VPN to go for. However, there are both streaming servers and P2P servers in the small network of 100+ servers. Many of which are found around Europe. Speed-wise, GooseVPN isn’t in the big leagues, but it’s not on the slow side either. Instead, it sits around the middle mark and maintains good consistency in general.

What operating systems can be used with GooseVPN?

As GooseVPN doesn’t put a limit on the number of devices you can use their service with, the range of different supported operating systems for this platform is very welcome. Mac OS and Windows are, of course, supported, as well as Linux. GooseVPN iOS and Android apps are also offered, in addition to VPN for routers. Finally, GooseVPN Android TV usage is also provided if that’s something you’re looking for.

Can you stream with GooseVPN?

GooseVPN does support streaming, and even offers dedicated servers to stream from in a range of countries. While GooseVPN unblock Netflix services can occasionally be a little spotty – with several of the servers unable to access Netflix at certain times – streaming YouTube, BBC iPlayer, and more is possible with low lag and in full HD.

Does GooseVPN support torrenting?

P2P support is available on a handful of GooseVPN’s servers, and with their unlimited bandwidth, it’s entirely possible to use the VPN for torrenting. Though it isn’t openly advertised as a central feature, GooseVPN torrents are certainly possible – though the small server count may be an issue for some users.

What’s the price of GooseVPN?

If you’re after value for money, unlimited devices, and bandwidth for $12.99 per month – at the time of review – isn’t too bad a deal. Though it’s certainly not the lowest price on the list. If you want to commit to a full year, $59.88 provides a significant reduction in that monthly cost. For even bigger savings, GooseVPN is currently offering lifetime membership for a $139 single purchase.

One benefit worth mentioning before you click ‘buy’ is the month-long VPN trial that GooseVPN offers. Much more substantial than your typical week or 24 hours, this option allows you to get a much better feel of whether this VPN is right for you. With that insight, you can decide for yourself whether this particular price tag is worth paying.

goosevpn review

User experience

What do existing GooseVPN customers think of what the platform has to offer? Here are a few to get you started:

“Simple to use, nice servers performance, and although some may complain that there aren’t many options available they suit perfectly for me and are even more than I could ask for. The price is WAY better than the others and I’m extremely happy with GOOSE VPN. Highly recommended!”

“I was looking for the best fit for my VPN requirements and felt that most VPN providers were not flexible enough for light users like me. Until I came across Goose VPN. I am quite satisfied with their flexible plans and it works great.”

“Easy to use & does what it says on the tin.”

Is GooseVPN worth it?

GooseVPN is very much a middle of the road service, offering plenty of great features but nothing spectacular against its bigger-name competitors. However, in-house support, unlimited devices, and that lifetime subscription could all make GooseVPN a serious contender in your search for the ideal VPN. For basic streaming and secure access – especially from a desktop – GooseVPN is worth a second look.