avg vpn
3.5 / 5.0
  • Jurisdiction: Czech Republic
  • Advanced Privacy Features: Kill Switch
  • Number of Servers and Countries: Servers in 55 Locations
  • Streaming and P2P: Yes

Best-known as one of the most prominent brands on the antivirus market, AVG have branched out their services to offer AVG Secure VPN. An additional add-on to their standard offering, this VPN is designed to provide additional functionality to existing users by upgrading their security and providing a secure, safe way to browse, stream, and more online.

Want to know more about what the AVG VPN has to offer? From whether there’s AVG VPN Android functionality to real customer reviews of the VPN service, we cover it all. Read on to find out more in our AVG VPN review today:

What is AVG Secure VPN?

Secure VPN is the latest addition to the suite of cybersecurity products from well-known brand AVG, providing a simple and practical format to improve your safety and security online. The first thing to note about AVG is the fact that the company was acquired by competitor Avast back in 2013. If you’ve ever checked out the Avast SecureLine VPN, or read our reviews, you may find a few similarities there.

As part of the Avast family of products, AVG is based out of the Czech Republic – a location known for good privacy in terms of no-logging policies. However, if you know AVG, you may remember past incidents where the company has been accused of collecting the personal data of users – something to keep in mind if you want to give the free VPN trial of this service a go.

What features does AVG Secure VPN include?

As a service targeted at privacy and safety online, it should come as no surprise that AVG includes an automatic kill switch with their service. AVG Secure VPN does use technology like the open-source OpenVPN, adding to its credibility and the transparency of its service. However, this is only used on Windows, and mobile and Mac users don’t get that same level of security. AVG also advertise their military-grade encryption as a feature of the service, with 256-bit AES to ensure absolute security when using the service.

In terms of scale, around 55 locations are currently supported, though the exact number of servers seems to change regularly and isn’t openly advertised. While big-name competitors often have thousands of servers on-hand, AVG offers quite a lot less to their customers, which is surprising considering the size and household name of the company. Speed is also an issue for this service, in particular, providing average results at best.

Which operating systems can I used AVG Secure VPN on?

AVG Secure VPN may not be a free VPN for Windows, but it does provide support for the platform – in addition to Mac, iOS, and Android users. While that’s not an exhaustive list by any means, it covers all the major platforms that AVG also supports with its antivirus. This does mean that manual setup isn’t possible, and you can’t create your own configurations, which is a potential dealbreaker for veteran VPN users.

Can I stream using AVG Secure VPN?

For those using a VPN primarily for streaming, AVG is a reliable option. The service provides dedicated streaming servers despite their smaller network, allowing access to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, HBO, and more consistently. While there has been inconsistency in the past with unblocking Netflix for specific regions, there seems to have been an improvement on this issue in recent years.

Is AVG Secure VPN good for torrenting?

AVG supports P2P connections, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the natural choice for those that want to torrent. Because of the smaller number of P2P servers available, they can become overcrowded. While there’s no bandwidth limit, those limited options may pose a problem for those looking for a highly stable connection.

What does AVG VPN cost?

The AVG VPN cost structure matches their sister service at Avast, with no monthly option available to users. For a year’s worth of access for five devices, you’re looking at $59.88 at the time of review. As with most services, the longer you commit to the better the rates, though three years as $145.64 isn’t all that much of a price cut in comparison to other services on the market. There’s a free VPN download for seven days, too, so you can get a feel for AVG’s service before you buy.

avg vpn

User experience

What do users think of AVG’s VPN service? Here are a few real-life reviews to help you make your mind up:

“I have been using the AVG VPN on all of my computers, iPads and iPhones for a little more than a year. Everything is great about it. No downside. I have all of their products. Their tech support people are great too.”

“Easy as 123 the interphase and settings are simple to use and seems to be secure. Working good for me. It is simple and easy. That’s what I like.”

“I love the freedom to go on the internet without worrying someone is looking at what I’m doing! I finally feel safe!”

Should you use AVG Secure VPN?

As a service from one of the biggest names in online security, you’d expect AVG’s VPN to be top-notch. While it’s more ordinary than incredible, there’s still plenty to like about this option – primarily if you already use AVG’s other products. As always, it’s worth checking out free trials before you buy – and with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can always change your mind later.