4 Facts To Know About PeerBlock

Judging from our research, we do not recommend the use of PeerBlock. Its disadvantages compared to the advantages of VPNs are not worth it. 

Main Cons Of PeerBlock

  • Your IP address isn’t hidden from connected peers
  • Your torrents aren’t encrypted
  • The right IPs are not blocked
  • It blocks too many peers.

In the latter part of this review, you will discover more about these cons. Also, you will see how much VPNs are more superior to Peerblock for safe downloads. This article will also highlight the best VPNs for downloading torrents. 

New To PeerBlock?

The intentions of PeerBlock, on paper, look quite enticing. The ability to detect & block IP addresses of torrent monitoring companies and download ‘safely’ feels fulfilling. 

PeerBlock is software for torrent IP blocking. In other words, it allows you to block torrent peers according to their IP addresses.

One of the perks of Peerblock is that it is free. It is software engaged by BitTorrent and p2p users for downloading anonymity. They achieve this by blocking peer connections from specific IP addresses.

With Peerblock, users have both the options of paid and free 3rd party blocklists. These blocklists contain IP addresses that are upon activation of PeerBlock. 

Yet, there’s the other side of the coin that you might not know about.

Not All ‘Undesirable’ IP Addresses Can Get Blocked

When IP ranges of different types are blocked, you have Peerblock lists. Therefore, to block every ‘undesirable’ peer means to block every IP Address in the world. If you did that, you’d have nil peers.

If there’s deliberate intention of monitoring you, a blocked IP won’t stop it. Will a core investigative company back off because their IP address gets blocked? No. 

The candid fact is that it is easy to generate or change IP addresses. With the right VPN providers, monitoring bodies can get many IP addresses within a wink. 

Employing a blocklist that bars IP ranges of VPN services doesn’t solve this problem. Trackers get to leverage VPS for new servers. The IP switches help them get new ones without much effort. 

PeerBlock Bars Too Many Peers

There are 3 blocklists available on PeerBlock for free. But these blocklists don’t only block some thousand IP addresses — they block over a billion of them. Our research shows that it equals stopping 25% of available Ip4 addresses in the world. 

That’s too much, considering the fact that the majority of them are not harmful. Plus, the consequence of having minimal peer options means a slower download speed.

No Encryption Whatsoever

Even if you can block all sneaky or monitory IPs with PeerBlock, you still cannot block one. That one is your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

They are the channel through which your internet surf passes. Thus you cannot cut their access with PeerBlock. In other words, they have complete access to your deeds on the internet. 

With a method called deep packet inspection, ISPs can see all your browsing actions. Websites you visit, messages you send, and the likes are easily monitorable by them. 

The only way to bar deep packet inspection is by using a VPN. 

Your IP Address is Not Hidden

Your peers in the stream can see your IP address, and PeerBlock can do nothing about it. As you most likely know, your IP address is unique. And it is the identifying information about you that shows in the BitTorrent swarm.

When downloading torrents, specific services let you use an anonymous IP address. The most common are torrent proxy service or VPN service. 

Upon connection to a VPN server, you get a custom IP address. This IP address will be what your peers in the swarm will see. Meanwhile, VPN providers store no record or log of your activities, so it’s impossible to link your anonymous IP to your actual one. 

With all we’ve outlined, you have to admit to noticing the loopholes in Peerblock. So we present to you the much stronger alternative which we’ve chipped in here and there: VPN.

VPN Usage

There are several other options when it comes to alternatives for PeerBlock. Still, the one we recommend as the best is the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The pros of VPNs far outweigh the cons. In fact, the cons are insignificant. In no way does PeerBlock stand a chance.

The internet is a dangerous place. You can click on a bad pop-up or download an infected file by mistake and leak your data to unwanted parties. 

Many don’t know that using public WiFi could leak personal data to cyber-savvy persons. It only takes a few minutes to hack. It could even take only seconds for the badass geeks.

But, with VPNs, your connections are well encrypted. They are so encrypted that your data is safe even if your network provider’s signal is weak. 

VPNs protect you from malicious websites and unsolicited ads. This means if you find yourself on the wrong internet path, VPN will stop you from accessing it. 

With VPNs, you have internet freedom that almost no country can restrict. Some VPNs offer you protection in over 60 countries of the world. For example, NordVPN offers 5300+ secure servers in 59 countries. 

No matter where you are, there are servers there for you to connect with. You can continue enjoying your favorite content or services regardless of your location. 

Have you been trying to stream a movie or match, and it takes forever to load? Or if you have ever been gaming, just about to deliver a killer blow, then it freezes?

You most likely experienced a problem a VPN can solve for you. They afford you great speed and internet efficiency. 

The following are big ups when you use VPNs:

  • P2P downloads support
  • Privacy 
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Kill Switch 
  • Superb download speeds
  • SOCKS5 compatibility
  • Port forwarding
  • Unblock torrent sites on restricted networks
  • Assigns disposable, untraceable, and anonymous IP Address

We researched and discovered VPNs that meet the requirements of many users. Here are some VPNs we recommend:



SurfShark allows you unhindered access to platforms like Netflix. You get to see over thirty Netflix libraries & more. It takes you on a tour of endless possibilities. It also hands you unlimited access to diverse streaming services. 

This VPN has a feature known as the Whitelister. Whitelister allows specific websites or apps to skip VPN connections. It is especially fantastic for your banking apps, so you don’t always have to switch it on and off.

Another feature called Clean Web ensures that malware or phishing attempts do not get to you. Meanwhile, you’ll never have anything to do with ads or trackers again.

Furthermore, Surf Shark has a rigorous no-log policy. This means your privacy is 100% untampered with. Nothing you do is monitored or accessed. Also, they engage the best form of encryption in the industry. Thus, your data is well secured and private. 

One key feature of this VPN is the Kill Switch. The Kill Switch deactivates your internet connection should your VPN connection drop. This means there’s no chance for data leak or external infiltration. 

With one subscription, you can use an unlimited number of devices in your home or office. 

Discover more here.



This VPN is a distinct VPN amid VPN service providers. Security is its core goal. According to our findings, it is so secure that it is the choice of investigative journalists. 

In fact, this VPN was actually designed to secure journalists, activists, and the likes. This would ensure press freedom and remove internet censorship barriers. This means you are free to access any website.

Moreover, this VPN ensures your browsing history remains known to you only. They do not log user activity, nor do they share data with third parties. Their VPN service works with anonymity which enables the internet without surveillance.

Also, the Proton VPN is open source. This denotes that the software can get verified anywhere. Anyone anywhere can check and verify its authenticity. And this is because its source code is available in the public domain. 

With this VPN you can share and download any file. They have unique servers for p2p (BitTorrent) for your file upload. And also have for your download and sharing pleasures. Meanwhile, you never need to worry about optimal performance. 

Meanwhile, you can connect anywhere. You have the option of more than fifty countries on about six continents, so you choose any and surf with a local IP address.

Discover more here.



The NordVPN is one of the most powerful of its kind. Designed with utmost attention to secure you and your data online. You have unrestricted access to apps, websites, entertainment, and more.

With NordVPN, your biggest prize is that your data gets encrypted. Not only is it encrypted, but it also gets encrypted with next-generation encryption. Meanwhile, this utmost security does not mean it lags in speed. 

Your streaming and downloading experience will be next to none with NordVPN. This means nothing like buffering. 

You have the pleasure of instant access to thousands of streaming websites worldwide. Plus, your TV time gets more pleasurable. 

Meanwhile, your data is well protected because they also run the no-logs policy. They neither track, collect, nor share your private information. 

Besides, the VPN is compatible with many devices. With one click, your virtual protection is up, on any of your new devices. 

Also, with their 5300+ servers in 59 countries, you have unlimited access to the internet — it’s seamless. 

Nord does not offer you unlimited connections with devices. But one account allows you to connect up to six devices. They are all protected with the same level of top-notch security.

Meanwhile, with Nord obfuscated servers, you can hide your internet flow. And do so with high security.

This one also has the Kill Switch feature. This will ensure that your internet gets disabled in cases when your VPN goes off for a moment. There is no chance for infiltration.

Nord has a Split Tunneling support feature that lets you share and stream. Meanwhile, you get to surf local content. 

Like other VPNs, Nord assigns you an IP address that is for only you. This IP address grants you total anonymity even among your peers in a swarm. Your actual IP address gets kept safe from trackers too. 

NordVPN also has a double VPN feature. With this feature, you can change your IP twice and cover your web tracks.

One very special feature of NordVPN is the Onion Over router. The security of the former combines well with the anonymity afforded by the latter. This keeps you safer online. 

In order to stay safer, you can turn on CyberSec in NordVPN. This will block all malware-hosting websites, and shield you from ads and the likes. Unlike other VPNs, It allows for lightweight extensions for Chrome and Firefox. This will immediately protect your browsing.

You also have the option of checking for leaks with the DNS test. This will assure you of the full protection the app gives you. 

Take it, that, with NordVPN, your data is never at risk of compromise. So you can work, surf, and social media platforms in peace.

Should you be a sports fan, NordVPN has you covered. You can stream any sport, live in High definition from official channels. Farewell to average or low-quality websites. 

Also, the customer support for VPN is amazing. They are available 24/7 to answer your queries.

Discover more here.


Your location, device maker, IP address, and browsing history are like tracks. Anytime you browse, you leave them on the internet. These marks you leave are not safe when you use below-par protections like Peerblock. 

These data forms are very valuable. Should there be anyone in genuine need of it, you should get due information. In fact, you should get paid for it. Meanwhile, criminals could also be trying to steal your information for fraudulent purposes. 

A VPN will help you own your privacy and keep it secure. It will encrypt your internet connection so that your deeds are safe. Everything you check, watch, share, or download remains your business. So, do not hesitate any longer in getting a VPN. Most have prices attached, but they are affordable and worth every penny.