Best VPN for Nvidia Shield

Your Nvidia Shield is a pretty helpful tool. You can stream all your favorite shows and networks on your TV whenever you want to watch them. The best VPN for Nvidia Shield can make your whole experience better.

With a VPN, you can access even more fun features on your Nvidia Shield. VPNs can open up geo-restricted media from any location the VPN offers servers. You can bypass ISP speed throttling that can cause videos to buffer and gain extra privacy online.  

The Verdict: Best VPN for Nvidia Shield 

There are a ton of VPN options out there that will work well on your NVidia Shield. You want to make sure that it is fast enough to stream your videos at full speed to watch in 4K quality. You also want to make sure that it offers the servers in areas you want to watch geo-restricted content.

It is crucial to find the VPNs that help make Nvidia Shield the most useful for you. You want the options that make your device more useful for how you plan to use it. Here are the VPNs that offer the most features that can help you get what you need.

The Best: CyberGhost 


According to our analysis, CyberGhost offers users the best VPN for Nvidia Shield. It provides a great mix of speed, servers, locations, and streaming service access to make it the top Nvidia Shield VPN. 

The VPN opens up a lot of geo-restricted content with more than 6,900 servers in over 90 different countries. All these servers also help you ensure that you can gain a high-speed connection in any location you want. 

CyberGhost offers streaming dedicated servers that maximize the VPNs protocols for speed. It helps make sure that you can make the most out of your streaming options. 

You can download the CyberGhost VPN app for your Nvidia Shield from the app store for a super easy setup, or you can load your VPN onto your router so it works for every device in your home. 

It is a user-friendly VPN that gives you good security and breakneck speeds. It is optimized so that you can use the most content on your Nvidia Shield.  

Runner Up: ExpressVPN 


ExpressVPN is another good option for your Nvidia Shield. It doesn’t have as many servers as CyberGhost with 3,000, but it offers the same amount of countries with 94. These servers still open a lot of useful libraries to stream content. 

One nice feature that ExpressVPN adds is the ability to test the server’s speed before every connection. You can find the server that gives you the best speed to watch your shows in HD without buffering. 

With ExpressVPN, Your Nvidia can stream many different libraries, and you can ensure that you can watch the content in top quality on high-speed servers.

Second Runner Up: NordVPN


NordVPN offers an extensive server network of over 5,300 servers in 59 countries. This network gives you access to many of the most popular streaming libraries available. It also offers protocols that help you get very high speeds from your VPN.  

NordVPN is one of the most feature-rich VPNs. It offers double VPN options, VPN over Tor, and many more privacy features. Many of these extras won’t affect your Nvidia Shield directly. 

If you are looking for a VPN that allows you to maximize privacy while still enjoying your Nvidia Shield better, you may be looking for a VPN like NordVPN. 

Three ways to setup VPN on Nvidia Shield 

Setting up your VPN on your Nvidia Shield can range from incredibly easy to slightly more complicated. There are three ways you can install a VPN on Nvidia Shield. The easiest is if your VPN has a native Android TV app. 

If the VPN doesn’t offer a native app, you can install the basic android app using an APK or configure your router to the VPN. If you use your router, your VPN will be available on every device connected to that router.

  1. Android TV native app
  2. Android VPN from APK
  3. Install VPN on router

Install the Native App

Many VPNs are starting to offer apps that are built for Andriod TV. The Native app is the easiest option to use your VPN with your Nvidia Shield. All you have to do is open your Android TV Play Store and search for your VPN. Download the app and wait for it to install. 

Once it installs, you have to login and activate the VPN when you want to use it to access geo-restricted content, avoid speed throttling, or increase your privacy. 

Install Android VPN App from APK 

If your VPN doesn’t have a native app for Android TV, you can install an app that works for any android. If you choose this method, you will have to download the APK for the VPN app and load it onto your device using a USB drive or microSD card, depending on your Nvidia Shield model. 

If you use this method, you will have to allow your Nvidia Shield to run the APK in its settings. Then you can install the APK and run the VPN like you would on your phone. The Android APK is optimized for phones and tablets, so it may not be as easy to use on your Shield. 


Running your VPN on your router is the most universally accepted option for putting your VPN on your Nvidia Shield. Using your router does involve a few extra steps, but you can use your VPN with every device on that router once it is done. 

Your router company and your VPN will offer step-by-step instructions for how to set up your system. Each setup is a little different, so it would be best to find your specific combination to get your VPN working correctly. 

Smart DNS on Nvidia Shield 

If your main goal for adding a VPN to your Nvidia Shield is to gain access to geo-restricted material, you could decide to use a Smart DNS.

To set up your Smart DNS, you will have to find a DNS that gives you access to the area you want to use. There are many companies out there that offer services that provide these DNS Ids.

How to Use Your Smart DNS on Nvidia Shield

  1. Enter your Nvidia Shield’s connection settings 
  2. Pick your current connection
  3. Change your IP to static
  4. Locate Network prefix length and enter 24
  5. Locate DNS fields and enter the Smart DNS you want to use 

Now you will be able to access the geo-restricted content for the area you choose. Remember that a Smart DNS isn’t a VPN. It doesn’t offer the privacy features you get from a VPN, and you don’t get past ISP throttling or network restrictions this way. 

What Makes a Good VPN for Nvidia Shield

If you have ever looked for a VPN before, you know that they love to list all their features and benefits. Usually, extra features are a good thing, but when you are looking for the best VPN for Nvidia Shield, you will want to make sure it has some particular features. 

Nvidia Shield will be streaming video most of the time you are using it. To do that, you want to have an extremely fast VPN. It will help if the VPN can work with your router, and it will be even better if it offers an Android TV app.  

You also want to ensure it can stream the services you want to use. Privacy features and encryption are essential for safety, but they have to be unintrusive. They can’t harm the other features that make the VPN suitable for streaming. 

Fast and Stable Speeds

No matter how many streaming libraries a service can give, if their servers aren’t fast enough, you won’t be able to use them. Many VPNs will allow you to test for how fast and stable their servers are. You will want to check the servers in the area you want to use most. 

Finding a VPN that offers a lot of servers where you want to stream from the most is important. The more servers offered in your locations, the more likely you will maintain fast speeds even during peak hours. 

You also want to find VPNs with protocols that don’t slow you down. Finding a VPN that offers configurations to increase speeds will be the most useful when using your Nvidia Shield TV VPN. 

Router Compatibility

The Nvidia Shield can gain its VPN access through the router. This option allows you to use more VPNs. VPNs are still catching up to apps that can work directly on Android TV devices, but many more can work on routers. 

Finding a VPN that is compatible with your router will give you all the function and capability of a VPN app on your Nvidia Shield. It can be a little harder to load a VPN this way, but it is a useful option to make sure you can use most VPNs with your device. 

Android TV APP

If you want to skip the extra time and effort of connecting the VPN to your router, you can look for a VPN that works right on your Nvidia Shield. It is a much easier option to use, but the downside is that you limit which VPNs you can use. 

There are fewer options for VPNs that offer a native Android TV App. Your Nvidia Shield can use many of the Android Apps for VPNs, but you have to use a USB to upload the APK, and that can get almost as complicated as connecting your router. 

Reliable for Streaming

Streaming services have started to block VPNs. They do this to help control their media libraries and to help honor streaming contracts that they made with the content creators. VPNs have fought back, but they have had varying degrees of success. 

When you get a VPN, you want to make sure that it will connect and gain access to the most streaming services you want to use. Some VPNs are better at keeping the streaming services available to the users, and others lose the services more often. 

Finding the right VPN for your preferred streaming service can mean the difference between watching your favorite shows or having to pick something else. 

Useful Privacy Features  

When using a VPN for your Nvidia Shield, privacy is important. Finding a VPN that helps keep your streaming information from falling into 3rd-party hands is essential. You want to make sure that your VPN has high-end protocols that don’t slow you down. 

Some companies offer unique protocols that optimize your streaming speeds. They still help you stay private, but they don’t interfere with your streaming activities. 

High-End Data Encryption

You don’t want other users to be able to see your payment information if you rent a movie or buy a TV show. Your VPNs encryption will help keep that information private. You will be able to buy all the media you want without worrying about 3rd-parties taking all your data. 

Why Use VPN for Nvidia Shield

There are many reasons to use a VPN for Nvidia Shield. A good VPN can make your Nvidia Shield experience better. It can help you avoid buffering, open up new, fun content, and keep your online activity more private.

Picking the right VPN for your Nvidia Shield can help you use your device to the fullest. It can allow you to enjoy more streaming options without the buffering, all with just a few clicks.  

Avoid ISP Throttling 

Have you ever found yourself enjoying your streaming service, and all of a sudden, you notice the video quality dip? You may even start seeing the dreaded buffering circle. It can make watching your show so much harder. This slow down could be caused by your Internet service provider’s throttling speeds. 

ISPs throttle speeds for a few different reasons. Sometimes it’s during peak hours because they are trying to ensure bandwidth for all their users. There are also times they keep track of your data use and throttle your speeds once you have reached a specific data limit. 

VPNs can help you bypass the speed throttling by not allowing your ISP to see how much data you have been using. You use the full speed of your VPN, which can allow you to stream your shows without down rendering or buffering pauses.  

Access Geo-Restricted Content 

Your VPN allows you to choose servers from locations all around the world. You can gain access to the media libraries from all these server locations. You can watch new shows, and you can even gain access to full streaming services that may not be available in your home location.

A useful VPN can give you new libraries on Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu Plus, HBO Max, and many other streaming services. They can help you keep up with shows that aren’t offered in your current location, or you can find new and exciting content from all over the world. 

Avoid 3rd-Party Restrictions 

Blocks can be placed on your network by anyone who has access to the network. If someone has blocked certain content, you can use a VPN to avoid these restrictions and view the material. Avoiding administrator blocks can be very important when you are streaming media content.  

Protect Your Privacy

One of the main things any good VPN will do is protect your privacy. Privacy may not seem important when you are using streaming services on Nvidia Shield, but privacy is always important. 

First, it stops 3rd-parties from snooping on what you are streaming and watching. It can help them target you with ads and create phishing programs that are more likely to interest you. 

You may also make purchases on your Nvidia Shield. You will be exposing your credit card, PayPal, or other payment plan info on your device if you do. By using an encrypted VPN, this info will be much safer. It will give you extra layers of protection that can keep it secure. 

Keeping your internet usage private is always useful. It is a helpful feature that can help you stay safe online.  

The Best VPN for Nvidia Shield

Here are the best VPN for Nvidia Shield options. Though some of them stand out in specific categories, you want to find the one that opens up streaming libraries in the most places you plan to use and offers other helpful features. 

All of these options have their uses and could help you when you are accessing the internet. You will find out what makes each service unique and see what makes it a good choice for you. 



NordVPN is one of the biggest and best-known VPNs available. They offer you access to over 5,300 servers in 59 countries. With all those server options, you open up a high number of media streaming libraries.

Multiple servers in each location allow you to find the fastest servers so you can stream at the highest speed. NordVPN has NordLynx, a protocol they created to guarantee that you get the maximum speed while still keeping your information safe online.  

You can install NordVPN for your Nvidia Shield with the native Android TV app. NordVPN also works on many different routers, so you can decide how you want to use your VPN. 

NordVPN offers you all of the features that you expect to find on your VPN. These features include incredible data encryption, double VPNs, Split Tunneling, and the ability to use Peer to Peer (P2P) sharing

NordVPN on Nvidia Shield will allow you to access tons of streaming libraries, and it gives you the speed to watch it all in full 4K HD. You can use the Android TV app to install it quickly and easily. It works well for your Nvidia Shield.  


Surfshark is a well-known VPN that offers a lot of features and utility for a fair price. You gain access to more than 3,200 servers in 65 countries. It opens up a lot of useful geo-restricted options to stream on your Nvidia Shield. 

Surfshark offers high-speed connections to many of their server locations so that you can watch your streaming services in crystal clear HD. With their specialty servers, they can keep speeds high on all of their server options.

There is no Android TV app for Surfshark, but you can use the Smart DNS that Surfshark offers. You can also configure your router with Surfshark so that you can use the VPN on all of your devices. 

Surfshark is a useful VPN for all devices. It offers state-of-the-art encryption and valuable features like a whitelist that allows you to not use the VPN on some sites you visit. Some sites like financial institutions won’t work if you have a VPN. 

Surfshark is a very affordable VPN option that can work well with your Nvidia Shield. You gain access to many different stream libraries, but you have to set the VPN up through your router or use the Smart DNS. 



ExpressVPN has a very extensive network. It offers you over 3,000 servers located in 160 unique locations. The locations are in 94 different countries. You can view a lot of stream libraries with that many other location choices. 

Every time you pick a server for your ExpressVPN, you can run a speed test. This test will list the fastest options available to you. You can ensure that you are using the best server to access the content you want so that you can watch it in full HD. 

ExpressVPN has an Nvidia Shield APK, but you may have to download it and open it on your device using a flash drive or microSD card. You can also choose to load your VPN onto your router. These options require a few extra steps, but the APK is designed for Nvidia Shield.  

You can get a lot of functions with ExpressVPN on Nvidia Shield. There is a native app for the Nvidia Shield that makes it a useful option, but you will have to download the APK for your device. Using ExpressVPN will get you a lot of libraries for geo-restricted media. 



When you join CyberGhost, not only do you gain the fun moniker of Ghosties, but you can also use their vast network of servers. The network comprises over 6,900 servers in more than 90 different countries. 

All those servers allow CyberGhost to maintain high-speed connections to stream all your content. CyberGhost will also automatically pick the best protocols for you to use depending on what service you are enjoying. 

Accessing streaming services is a major feature CyberGhost offers. They pride themselves on letting you connect to streaming services that you want to use. You can access streaming-specific servers in many of their locations to maximize your media-watching experience.

To install your VPN on Nvidia Shield, you can download the Android TV app for CyberGhost or add the VPN to your router. The app method is the quickest way to start using the VPN. 

You also gain all the safety of a VPN with SmartGhost. They help keep your data secure with military-grade encryption. They maximize your streaming data for speed, but they still help you keep it private. 

If you’re looking for a large number of servers to access many different streaming service libraries, CyberGhost could be helpful for you. It offers dedicated streaming servers, and it is simple to load onto your Nvidia Shield. 



PIA‘s primary goal is to help you protect your privacy online. Even with that big push for security, they are still a good option if streaming is your most important consideration. They have a large network of over 29,000 in 77 countries.

PIA’s incredible amount of servers makes it easy to find high-speed connections. They offer a lot of countries to use for geo-restricted data. You will open up a lot of new media choices with this VPN.

You don’t get a native app for your Nvidia Shield through PIA. Your best option for loading the PIA VPN on your device is configuring it to your router. You can also try to install the Android APK for the VPN. 

Where PIA excels is privacy. You can use multi-hop technology to give your VPN even more security than usual. It also has super high-end encryption. These work together with protocols like WireGuard to increase your privacy online.

With all the extra security, PIAs speeds can sometimes suffer. It is a VPN most suited for giving you a lot of security and privacy. PIA on Nvidia Shield can be useful, but that isn’t what it is optimized to do. 



IPVanish is a VPN service that has 1,600 servers in over 50 countries. That is the least amount of servers and unique countries offered by the VPNs in this review. The VPN still gives you access to many of the most sought-after streaming libraries. 

The VPN offers high speeds that make it helpful to watch streamed content on your Nvidia Shield. There is no Android TV app for IPVanish, so you will have to try the Android device app with a USB drive, or you will have to configure the VPN to your router. 

IPVanish gives users access to secure cloud storage, which is a unique feature, and it offers advantageous privacy options for users. 

The option to add secure cloud storage makes IPVanish an intriguing prospect, and it will allow you to view some of the most popular streaming libraries. Still, if you are only interested in a VPN for your Nvidia Shield, there are better options available. 

A Free VPN for Nvidia Shield

Saving money is always a good thing, and many VPNs offer a free option for their services. Whenever you see a free option, you want to do some initial research. Many free VPNs collect data on the user and sell it to help pay for the service. 

Some free VPNs are safe to use, but they have many restrictions that can make them hard to use. Bandwidth throttling, lower data limits, and restricted network options can make them useless with your Nvidia Shield. 

The data restrictions can be very extreme with free VPNs. Good options will give you 500 MBs a day. That’s about a half-hour of standard video a day. Considering that the most common activity on your Nvidia Shield is watching videos, the free VPN can be pretty useless. 

If you can’t choose your location or access limited locations, it will limit how useful the geo-restricted options are for your VPN. Even with your half-hour of watch time, you can’t always get the show or network you want to find. 

All these limitations make it hard to find the best free VPN for Nvidia Shield. There are less expensive premium options that still give you unlimited data and higher speeds that can help you out more.    


There are many different things to consider when you are looking for the best VPN for Nvidia Shield. Most importantly, you want a VPN that is fast enough to stream in HD. It should also open up a lot of geo-restricted media and offer you privacy. 

Many VPNs can help you achieve this, so you want to make sure that any VPN you choose offers features that you need and will access the content that interests you the most.

In our opinion, CyberGhost offers users the best mix of these features to help you enjoy your Nvidia Shield. 


Here are some quick answers about VPNs on Nvidia Shield. Each question is answered in more depth above.