How to Get Best Out of Torrenting With IPVanish (A Complete Guide)

There’s no shortage of VPNs on the market, yet finding a reliable VPN for torrenting can be challenging. IPVanish has a good reputation for torrenting, so I wanted to give it a closer look and see firsthand if it’s up to snuff. 

IPVanish has many torrenting-focused features that are a cut above the rest. Its restriction-free policies mean that IPVanish uTorrent and BitTorrent capabilities are supported. Furthermore, given its zero traffic log policy, IPVanish is one of the most trustworthy VPN providers on the market. 

While most VPN services have great unblocking features, a torrent-friendly VPN like IPVanish will have great P2P support, thorough privacy features like a built-in kill switch and top-notch encryption, high speeds, and will use the most up-to-date proxy protocols, such as SOCKS5.

ipvanish torrenting

How to Torrent Anonymously with IPVanish

Overall, IPVanish makes it easy to register, install, and get right into confident, protected torrenting. Here’s how to torrent anonymously with IPVanish:

  1. Download IPVanish on your device and open the app
  2. Log into your account and connect to a VPN server (Keep in mind which countries are the most torrent-friendly when making your choice. Switzerland is always the top choice)
  3. Engage the kill switch to make sure your actual IP address isn’t leaked in the event of an internet connection disruption. You can do this by going to the app’s Settings, clicking into Connection, and checking the kill switch box.
  4. Take the torrent address detection test. After that, you’re safe to download torrents. 

Selecting an IPVanish Server

ipvanish servers

IPVanish has a network of 2,000+ servers in 75+ locations worldwide. Most of them are naturally located in North America (1,275), with Europe (536) trailing nearby.  

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Generally, the best option is to connect to a server that’s the closest to your actual location – be it in your country or a neighboring one. With IPVanish, every server supports torrenting, so you don’t need to pay attention to a separate list of servers. 

ipvanish app

You can use the quick connect feature to automatically connect you to the best and fastest server relative to your location.

Or, you can also choose a server manually from a list of countries and cities. 

ipvanish choosing server manually

If you have a country in mind but don’t know which city to connect to, simply use the “Best Available City” feature that will connect you to the fastest server in said country.

For those of you that will be using the exact server locations regularly, you can save them to your favorites in the IPVanish app. 

If you’re concerned with speed, you can also sort the servers based on their current ping times and sort by city or country.

For torrenting, I always recommend Switzerland as this country has strict laws that protect the privacy and allow torrenting for personal use, as long as you don’t profit from it. 

The 8 Reasons Why IPVanish Works Good for Torrenting

1. Full P2P Support

Many other VPNs are a little vague about their P2P allowances and support. IPVanish is one of the very few VPNs that are tailored to P2P file sharing. While it’s not explicitly stated on the website, all of its features combined make it evident to torrent users who know what they’re looking for.

Standard with all of IPVanish’s subscription plans are unlimited simultaneous connections, so even if the service limited its P2P support to specific servers, it would still be a great value. But users can enjoy the freedom of knowing their activity won’t be restricted.

2. Privacy

ipvanish privacy tab

IPVanish is excellent at providing security measures. However, even in a privacy-focused industry, the features that safeguard IPVanish torrenting come out on top compared to other VPNs.

3. No-Logs Policy

In the past, IPVanish was keeping activity logs. However, in 2017, the VPN came under new ownership and committed to a strict no-logs policy, which it has honored. 

With all of its subscription plans and its free service, customers’ usage stays private because it engages in automatic activity and connection data deletion.

4. Encryption

IPVanish offers end-to-end encryption, really putting its money where its mouth is in terms of ensuring data leak protection and preventing third-party snooping.

Because of its layers of security involving 14 rounds of symmetric key cipher and block cipher encryptions, IPVanish’s 256-bit AES encryption is regarded as generally impenetrable. However, because no system is truly protected against all attacks, combine the encryption with other security protocols on the VPN’s end and strong passwords and firewalls on the customer’s end.

IPVanish delivers on both a strong encryption standard and on making sure it’s paired with complementary protocols to increase the protection it offers for customer privacy and data.

5. Kill Switch 

As I mentioned before, sometimes failures in VPN connections happen. Unfortunately, such connection failures are often unavoidable but costly for VPN users. 

When connection drops occur, the kill switch ensures a user’s IP address and information is protected from outside sources.

Given the extra layer of security that they provide, automatic kill switch mechanisms are quickly becoming an industry standard. IPVanish currently offers this built-in security measure in several plans supported by macOS and Windows.

6. High-Speed

ipvanish speed test switzerland

While the VPN provider’s speeds are somewhat average when it comes to VPN streaming, I have clocked IPVanish’s torrenting speeds for uploads and downloads at the very peak of available torrenting speeds.

Further, the provider has multiple resources on its website for troubleshooting in the event of disrupted speeds, indicating its standards and commitment to a fast connection that enables users to complete all the high-data activities that they want.

7. Proxy Compatibility

ipvanish proxies

A proxy server doesn’t always offer the right protective fit for all torrenting activity. Still, sometimes it’s the best choice for certain activities that require rerouting and disguising your IP address for maximum privacy.

IPVanish’s protocols are compatible with the top proxy protocol in the industry to make sure that customers have the height of protection and flexibility with their subscription. The SOCKS5 proxy functions as a VPN alternative that covers specific applications.

IPVanish incorporates the SOCKS5 proxy into all of its paid services to avoid unjust restrictions, more optimally handle the smaller data packets specifically associated with P2P activity, and deliver better speed and performance. 

Although they shouldn’t be used together, as it might reduce web speeds, having a top proxy standard and VPN service side by side to choose from makes it easier for users to feel confident in their level of protection, no matter their online activity. IPVanish offers that peace of mind with its subscription plans.

8. How to Setup SOCKS5 Proxy 

ipvanish - how to setup socks5 proxy

Setting up a SOCKS5 proxy from IPVanish is quite easy to do no matter what torrent client you’re using. In our example, we’ll be using one of the most popular ones – uTorrent. In uTorrent, the client:

  1. Open Options > Preferences
  2. Click on Connections
  3. Under Type, type in SOCKS5
  4. Enter under Proxy
  5. Under Port, put in 1080
  6. Enter your IPVanish credentials
  7. Check or uncheck all the boxes as you see in the screenshot above

IPVanish Disadvantages

  • Kill switch isn’t available for all OSs
  • Not the best for streaming
  • Based in the US

With all of these great features, there are some inevitable drawbacks. Most notably, IPVanish’s kill switch feature is unavailable for all operating systems, and it doesn’t come with VPN browser extensions.

While it’s great for torrenting, users who want a one-stop shop for torrenting and streaming needs might be disappointed that its support for streaming is not as extensive. Also, given that it’s in the US, IPVanish might not offer as much peace of mind to torrenting users as would an overseas-based service. 

The service does have one bump on its record from the incident in which it had to reveal user logs to comply with an investigation in 2016. Although it’s had a strict no-logs policy since then, some customers have a lingering distrust.


ipvanish prices

IPVanish has competitive pricing plans that are on par with other major VPNs that are comparable. It’s a shame that there aren’t two or three-year plans offered as well so that customers could save even more money. 

On the other side, you get unlimited devices and a 30-day money-back guarantee for the annual plan. 

Alternative Torrenting VPNs


  • 5,200+ servers in 60 countries
  • Circumvents geolocation restrictions
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • For Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer…
  • Quick Connect
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • For up to six devices
  • Works in China
  • 24/7 live chat

NordVPN offers balanced support in the areas of torrenting and streaming, which makes it an excellent alternative to users who are disappointed that IPVanish doesn’t support both activities equally well.

Headquartered in Panama, this service also is in more neutral territory for torrenting. It effectively unblocks lots of streaming services and employs good kill switch technology. 

The drawbacks of this VPN include inconsistent speeds, reported interface issues, and renewal prices that are on the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

Find more about this superb IPVanish alternative in our full NordVPN review.


  • Over 1,400 servers in 60+ countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No-logs policy
  • Tor over VPN
  • P2P support
  • Up to 10 device connections
  • For Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer…
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works in China
  • 24/7 live chat

ProtonVPN is similar to IPVanish in that it is log-free and uses built-in kill switches for customer privacy. Overall, it’s a secure service to use for torrenting. 

However, its speeds can lag behind industry standards. Another drawback is that only some of its servers are optimized for P2P activity.

For users who distrust IPVanish’s headquartering in the States, ProtonVPN, which is located in torrent-friendly Switzerland, provides a great alternative on that front.

Read more about this excellent high-speed Swiss VPN in our full ProtonVPN review.


IPVanish is a VPN optimized for torrent downloads. Its privacy protocols, built-in kill switch, highest encryption standards, extensive and self-owned server network, zero-log promise, and cap-free data with throttle-free connections are exceptional. 

With unlimited devices and server switches, all of the provider’s servers not only support IPVanish BitTorrent and P2P activity but enable it more efficiently than other VPNs. 

Because of its privacy features, IPVanish allows users to torrent on using public WiFi access safely and at top speeds.

With all these torrent-friendly features, its paid plans are an excellent value and offer everything users need to feel ultimate security, including SOCKS5 proxy compatibility and excellent customer service, educational material, and resources for troubleshooting.

If you can overlook IPVanish’s location in the US, then its subscription plans can offer you exceptional quality, particularly for torrenting. 

With this VPN for torrenting, you’ll always have peace of mind that your data and privacy are secure and that you’ll never be held back by data caps or activity logs.

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