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    10 Best Dedicated IP VPN

    • NordVPN | Dedicated IP Locations: United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Germany | Price: $70 /year
    • CyberGhost | USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada | $5 /mo
    • TorGuard | 37 locations | $7.99 /mo
    • AstrillVPN | 22 locations | $5 /mo
    • Windscribe | 7 locations, including USA, UK, Germany | $8 /mo
    • VyprVPN | available in Cloud VPN solution | $349 /year
    • IvacyVPN | Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom | $1.99 /mo
    • PureVPN | Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malta, Germany, Australia, Canada | $0.99 /mo
    • TrustZone | 9 locations, including USA and UK | $2 /mo
    • VPNUnlimited | India, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, USA, United Kingdom| $14.99 /mo

    There’s no doubt that, in your comparison of VPN providers, you’ve come across the phrase “dedicated IP.” A dedicated IP is often touted as an advantage in a service provider’s list of features. But what is a dedicated IP? 

    What advantages and disadvantages are there to having a dedicated IP? Which dedicated IP VPNs are right for you? We’ll discuss what these terms mean, what they mean for you, and the 10 best dedicated IP VPNs available.

    What Is a Dedicated IP VPN

    dedicated ip vpn

    A dedicated IP address means that you always retain the IP address regardless of where you are. This dedicated IP service comes with a static IP address distinct from your true local IP, so you remain safe online. This means that all of your data will be sent through that IP without any privacy controls being lost, and no one else can use that IP address.

    An advantage to using a dedicated IP address is that it does not lock you into you using that dedicated address exclusively. Rather, you can switch between shared and dedicated IP addresses as needed and depending on your online activities. 

    A dedicated IP address is also less likely to be blacklisted online for misbehavior, which makes it easy to make online payments, and helps you to dodge CAPTCHAs. These dedicated IPs are more trusted because they are easier to track and can be used on 2 devices at once.

    Most VPN providers default to a shared IP. Shared IP addresses, because more than one user shares them, give a great anonymity cloak to users, and are great for P2P file transfers. 

    This allows every user connected to that server to use a shared IP address, which carries some security benefits. Even with these security benefits, it’s also wise to reap the benefits of a dedicated IP address as well, particularly when it allows you to have the best of both worlds when you choose.

    Why Use a Dedicated IP VPN?

    As the shared IP option is the standard in VPN providers’ packages, it comes as no surprise that dedicated IPs are less-understood. There are several cases, however, when dedicated IPs are the best option for maintaining your security. Let’s go over a few of the strongest cases for a Dedicated IP VPN.

    Secure Internet Connectivity

    Business networks often maintain lists of authorized IP addresses to block unauthorized entry. Thus, they tend to only allow IP addresses on whitelists and not allow IP addresses on blacklists for IP addresses that have been tagged as having engaged in illicit activity. 

    Dedicated IP VPNs help you to stay on these whitelists by ensuring that you maintain control of activity associated with your IP address. In this way, everyone can safely connect to the business networks from anywhere to access business resources and information.

    Management of Online Reputation

    Dedicated IP VPNs allow you to never worry about getting banned from online sites or communities because of others’ illicit activities using the same VPN. This IP address remains under your control and supervision so that your online reputation is never sullied for reasons unbeknownst to you.

    Easier Logins

    Certain websites, such as email and commerce-based sites, check your IP address when you log in. You could be restricted from logins if frequent IP changes make it challenging to verify your identity. A dedicated IP VPN, however, can change that as you will retain your IP address every time you log in to that network.

    Remote Work

    IP whitelisting is crucial with the rise in remote working and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) setups. These work situations make working easier than ever before but expose businesses to novel threats. Dedicated IP addresses, as they are private, are much less likely to get blacklisted. A dedicated IP VPN keeps both the business database and your own connection secure when using cloud computing.

    Safe Online Banking

    If you bank online, you may be showing up in different virtual locations each time through VPNs. Banks tend to flag this as suspicious and may log you out of your account. Using a VPN with a static dedicated IP address can help you to appear in the same place virtually every time and prevent these hassles of repetitive verifications. A dedicated IP VPN ensures that your online bank account is secure by limiting access to your static IP address. 

    Reduced Gaming Lag Time

    Servers can experience a lag time when your dynamic IP changes, which, though brief, can obliterate your gaming score and experience. A dedicated IP VPN, however, reduces this risk with a static IP address that doesn’t experience this shift and, this won’t create that lag time that wipes out information.

    Server Setup

    When setting up an online or File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a dedicated IP VPN is helpful as it uses a static IP address. With the encrypted connection the dedicated IP VPN provides, an ISP can’t spy on online activities. In fact, they prohibit running file or web servers on home internet connections. Server security is also increased by limited FTP access to a static IP address.

    Skip CAPTCHAs

    When multiple parties use a shared IP address, CAPTCHA authentications are triggered. You can leave the annoyance of constantly proving your identity behind by using a dedicated IP address to log into online accounts without these interruptions.

    Email Speed and Priority

    Email services tend to trust emails from dedicated IP addresses more than those coming through a shared IP address. These emails have priority in the cyber traffic flow over those coming from shared IP addresses. This is because emails coming through shared IP addresses are double-checked by these mail services and may even be sent to a receiver’s spam folder. 

    You’ll find your cyber communication much faster and more likely to arrive in inboxes with dedicated IP addresses.

    Disadvantages Of a Dedicated IP VPN

    As many advantages as a Dedicated IP VPN brings to the table, there are disadvantages that we would be remiss not to discuss. A VPN often sounds like the ideal way to curb online privacy issues. A VPN disguises your IP-address, unblocks content protected by IP addresses, and encrypts data. With the added safety, freedom, and anonymity that a dedicated IP address VPN affords, what could be missing?

    Internet Speed Reduction

    The routing and encrypting involved in using a VPN can cause a slight speed reduction in the server. Some VPNs are faster than others, so it’s a good idea to check VPN speed before investing. Some services may not slow down the connection much but still may cause variations in speed. You may not notice this change if you’re doing things (such as gaming) that require rapid-fire responses. 

    Potential Service Blocks

    Certain services, such as streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, discourage VPN use. Blocks can also occur for services where VPNs grant access to something you would not otherwise be able to access but can’t. Another case is when VPNs may grant access to services that have not been fully purchased. VPNs can sometimes bypass these restrictions and open the door for usage.  

    VPN Legality

    Some countries consider VPNs suspicious enough to ban them altogether. This is generally only an issue in a limited number of countries, however. Many countries do allow VPN usage. In fact, most large corporations employ VPN as part of their security strategy.

    Encryption Quality Checks

    Checking encryption quality to ensure that VPNs are performing only as advertised is difficult. The average computer system does not come with cryptography, so the first sign that encryption is off often only comes when something goes wrong. Thus, true encryption security can be difficult to gauge. Reading customer reviews is a wise way of finding out about any known issues with the VPN provider’s encryption and other features.

    Retention and Potential Resale of Information

    The surface agreement between VPN providers and users is that VPNs allow you to route your internet connections through their servers with encrypted data and a private IP address. Fortunately, many VPN providers do not log your data, so you can be confident that your data will not be tracked and sold. 

    An unfortunate trade-off using some VPN providers (many of them free VPN providers) is that your information (including your web activity) travels through that provider’s servers and is tracked and potentially resold. A good way to prevent this issue is to research VPNs thoroughly through several sources and read reviews before choosing a VPN provider.

    Connectivity Breaks

    Kill-switches are a common feature in VPN software packages. These kill-switches prevent your dedicated IP address from reverting to your actual IP address (causing you to lose your anonymity) should your VPN server go down. 

    The VPN kill-switch shuts down internet connections entirely when VPN servers are down so that your actual IP address is never exposed should you lose VPN server connectivity. Internet connection returns only once the connection to the VPN server is reestablished. 

    A False Sense of Immunity

    Some feel private and immune from malware and other attacks online. Even a well-encrypted, stable VPN connection can still be tracked across the web by advertisers, intruders, etc. These IP addresses can also fall prey to phishing attempts, malware, and locks from some networks.

    Free VPNs Can Make You More Vulnerable.

    Free VPNs often fail to provide adequate security and anonymity. These VPNs are frequently set up for the implicit purpose of collecting user data for resale. These free VPN providers also often have limits on data, speed, and downloads. These VPNs can also contain malware and spyware.

    Dedicated IP VPNs

    Now that you know VPNs’ pros and cons let’s take a look at the top VPNs. You’ll find that many of these VPNs, as they are reputable services, bypass many of the potential cons you might have found were you to opt for a lower-grade or free option. NordVPN, CyberGhost, TorGuard, Astrill, Windscribe, VyprVPN, Ivacy, PureVPN, TrustZone, and VPNUnlimited MonoDefense are our top picks for reputable, affordable, and feature-packed VPN services!


    NordVPN is one of the biggest and most reputable names in the industry. Not only that but there VPN service includes a plethora of features:

    • Secure, ultra-fast VPN connection so that you can surf quickly and confidently
    • Strict no-logs policy ensuring that you are never tracked
    • Uninterrupted streaming letting you stream your favorite media without irritation
    • VPN servers everywhere for multiple devices so that you’re always connected on the go
    • Your personal IP so that you never have to worry about mismanagement of your connection
    • Mask Your IP when you want privacy
    • P2P welcome do that you can easily share data
    • Onion Over VPN Router for added privacy
    • Block malware and ads to keep you secure
    • Browser extension protection so that you can use your extensions confidently
    • Support 24/7 so that you always have a helping hand when you need it

     How It’s Available:

    NordVPN dedicated IP is available as a paid add-on for $70 per year.

     Dedicated IP Location Options:

    United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Germany

    Nord VPN Price:

    NordVPN offers three payment options, a 2-year plan for $3.71 per month, a 1-year plan for $4.92 per month, and a monthly plan for $11.95 monthly. All three plans include VPN server connectivity to up to 6 devices at once, freedom from logging, and a 100% money-back guarantee.


    CyberGhost has a lot to offer in terms of features, platform availability, server reach, and price! Features for the CyberGhost VPN server include:

    • Hidden IP address with DNS and IP leak protection to maintain your privacy
    • Powerful AES 256-bit encryption to ensure no data leaks
    • WiFi security keeps your connection secure
    • CyberGhost’s no-logging policy means that your data is never retained on VPN servers
    • Streaming service unblocking and restricted content access so that you can surf without hassle
    • Private torrenting for added security
    • Protection for all devices so that you’re covered no matter what your surfing on
    • Over 6800 VPN servers worldwide keeping you protected on the go
    • Automatic kill switch so that your connection is never compromised 
    • OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard® protocols
    • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic allow you to surf to your heart’s content
    • The highest possible VPN speeds keep you surfing quickly
    • Up to 7 devices protected simultaneously
    • Apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS & more
    • 24/7 live Customer Support service so that help is always at your fingertips

    How It’s Available:

    CyberGhost VPN dedicated IP offers a dedicated IP for additional $5 per month.

    Dedicated IP Location Options:

    USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada


    CyberGhost offers three plans ($3.25 monthly for 18 months, $2.75 monthly for 18 months, or $12.99 monthly) with a 45-day money-back guarantee if you’re ever dissatisfied.


    TorGuard is a good way to go for a VPN that packs essential features and connectivity into a reasonably priced bundle. TorGuard’s features include:

    • Private Proxy Service for added security 
    • Unlimited Speeds + Bandwidth so that you’re never held back
    • 8 simultaneous connections for multiple-device protection at once
    • Maximum Encryption Available so that your data never falls into the wrong hands
    • Perfect Forward Secrecy (TLS) so that your session keys are never compromised
    • Secure NAT Firewall to keep you secure
    • UDP and TCP Supported
    • Many VPN Protocols Supported
    • SSL VPN via OpenConnect, Stunnel, WireGuard, and Browser extensions
    • Stealth VPN (Bypasses DPI) so that you can surf the web incognito
    • Advertisement and Malware Blocking so that marketers never target you
    • Protects against all known leaks to keep your data secure
    • Supports all OS and Devices so that you stay safe across devices

    How It’s Available:

    TorGuard VPN with dedicated IP is available for an additional $7.99 per month.

     IP Location Options:

     TorGuard offers Dedicated IP VPN in 37 locations.


    • Private VPN:$9.99 monthly
    • Business VPN: $69.99 monthly
    • Streaming Bundle (Proxy, VPN, and Email): $21.98 monthly
    • Private Email: $8.95 monthly


     Astrill is a great pro option that packs the essentials and has a good international server grid. Astrill includes the following features: 

    • Smart mode so that you maintain your speed safely
    • Kill switch so that you stay protected even during service interruptions
    • App Guard that stays activated even with the desktop application is no longer running
    • VPN sharing so that all traffic to and from is secure
    • Website and app filtering to keep you safe
    • Port forwarding for a seamless traffic flow
    • Third-party VPN clients to ensure compatibility with older devices

     How It’s Available:

    Astrill Dedicated IP is available for an additional $5 per month

    IP Location Options:

    22 locations including USA, UK, Canada, China


    Astrill offers three plans ($10 monthly for 1 year, $15 monthly for 6 months, or $20 monthly) for your convenience! 


    We love Windscribe’s many unique features, a great server grid, and some of the best prices out there! Windscribe features include:

    • Large network to ensure that you stay protected on the go
    • R.O.B.E.R.T. domain and IP blocking tool
    • No identifying logs so that Windscribe never tracks you
    • Strongest encryption to ensure that your data is never compromised
    • Config Generators for config file creation
    • ScribeForce to keep you safe and private
    • Simple Clients
    • Free options to keep Windscribe easy on your budget
    • Static IPs when you need them
    • Port Forwarding for smooth traffic
    • Split Tunneling to select app internet connectivity
    • Firewall to keep your data and web surfing secure
    • Secure Hotspot so that you stay safe on the go
    • Proxy Gateway to create a secure proxy server
    • Flexible Connectivity to make sure that you stay protected
    • AutoPilot for added convenience
    • Double Hop for request routing
    • Ad Blocking so that you’re never targeted by unwanted marketing
    • Cookie Monster to track cookies
    • Split Personality to maintain your privacy
    • WebRTC Slayer to disable WebRTC in your browser
    • Location and Time Warp to disguise your location and timezone

    How It’s Available:

    Windscribe offers residential or data center static IP. Residential dedicated IP is available for an additional $8 per month, and static data center IP is for $2 per month.

    IP Location Options:

    Seven countries, including the USA, UK, and Germany.


    Windscribe offers a $9 monthly plan, a yearly plan for $4.08 monthly, and a free plan.


     VyprVPN is a practical choice that packs the essentials on a smaller server grid, but all you need and a few unique features not offered with other services! VyprVPN offers the following features:

    • Chameleon™ to prevent VPN blocking
    • VyprDNS™ for DNS protection
    • VyprVPN Cloud 
    • Public WiFi Protection so that you stay secure in public
    • Kill Switch for added protection during service interruptions
    • Audited No-Log VPN so that your activity is never tracked
    • 24/7 customer support for that helping hand when you need it
    • 5 simultaneous connections so that you stay connected across devices
    • High-speed streaming so that you can stream seamlessly
    • Access to restricted  content so that you can search freely
    • IP Address Protection and High-End Encryption/NAT Firewall to keep you secure
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee if you’re ever dissatisfied

    How It’s Available:

    VyprVPN dedicated IP is available in their Cloud service.


    VyprVPN Cloud has a price of $349 per year.


     Ivacy goes heavy on the options and offers an extensive server grid at a great price and a 7-day trial. Features include: 

    • Public WiFi security to keep you secure in public
    • No Logs Policy so that you’re never tracked
    • Enjoy buffer-free streaming and unlimited bandwidth to keep your streaming seamless
    • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee if you’re ever unhappy
    • Smart Purpose Selection so that you’re on top of VPN connection purpose
    • Defeat ISP Throttling with IP address masking
    • Internet Freedom so that you’re never held back
    • Internet Kill Switch to keep your connection secure even during service interruptions
    • Dedicated IP to maintain your privacy
    • Split Tunneling to access local and foreign content
    • Advanced Security Features from Ivacy
    • IPv6, DDoS Leak, Downloading, and Malware Protection 
    • Secure DNS so that you’re always safe
    • Multiple Protocols and Logins available 
    • Advanced IPsec & IKEV Protocols
    • Smart Connect Feature
    • Military Grade 256-Bit Encryption
    • P2P Support
    • Dedicated Kodi App for convenience

    How It’s Available:

    IvacyVPN offers dedicated IP for an additional $1.99 per month.

    Static IP Location Options:

    Available locations are Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom.


    Ivacy offers three plans ($ 9.95 monthly, $3.99 monthly for 12 months (includes 7-day .99 trial), $2.40 monthly for 24 months) for your convenience! 


    PureVPN offers some unique options that you won’t find on other VPNs and has a great selection of platforms it can handle! Pure VPN offers the following features:

    • Better Entertainment 
    • Online Banking Security so that you can bank online with ease
    • Risk-Free Online Reputation so that you avoid blacklisting
    • Personal Blog Security
    • Home Security Camera Protection so that you can leave home with ease
    • Secure Remote Access for added convenience
    • Secure FTP Access
    • Two Factor Authentication for security
    • Database Server Security for added protection

    How It’s Available:

    PureVPN offers a Static IP VPN for an additional $0.99 per month.

    Dedicated IP Location Options:

    Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malta, Germany, Australia, Canada.


    PureVPN offers three plans ($10.95 monthly, $6.49 monthly for 12 months (includes a 7-day trial for .99), and $8.33 monthly for 6 months) to choose from. 


    TrustZone, as its name implies, is a leading, reputable VPN. The price is also extremely reasonable! Features include: 

    • Surf privately
    • Prevents your ISP from tracking you
    • No logging so you retain anonymity 
    • A secure account with Trust.Zone & OpenVPN & L2TP encryption
    • Unlimited speed so that you can enjoy surfing again
    • P2P traffic is not restricted
    • Warrant Canary
    • Kill Switch to keep you secure during server interruptions 

    How It’s Available:

    TrustZone Dedicated IP VPN price varies based on location. The average cost is about $2 per month.

     Static IP Location Options:

    Nine, including the USA and UK.


    TrustZone offers three payment plans ($8.88 monthly, $2.33 monthly for two years, or $3.33 monthly for one year). TrustZone also offers a three-day free trial.

    vpn unlimited

    Last but not least, VPNUnlimited offers a great selection of essentials and nice-to-haves. It also comes with a unique pricing plan depending on how many devices you’d like to connect. VPNUnlimited provides the following features:

    • Total Security so that you’re never at risk
    • Malware Detection
    • Up to 10 devices with one subscription
    • Uncompromising speed
    • Additional services
    • Lifetime VPN subscription option
    • Personal Server & Personal IP options
    • Ability to set VPN on personal WiFi Router

    How It’s Available:

    VPN Unlimited offers its Dedicated IP VPN for an additional $14.99 per month. It is slightly cheaper with annual billing.

     IP Location Options:

    India, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, USA, United Kingdom


    VPN Unlimited offers two pricing scales for up to 5 or up to 10 devices.

    For 5 devices: $9.99 monthly, $5.00 monthly for one year, $2.78 monthly for 3 years, and $199.99 for a lifetime purchase.

    For 10 devices: $9.99 monthly, $7.50 monthly for one year, $4.17 monthly for 3 years, and $299.99 for a lifetime purchase.


    Using a best VPN with a dedicated IP address is an invaluable tool when securing your online activity. As a dedicated IP address shifts, it goes a long way in ensuring your privacy and allows you to surf the web in relative security. As VPN servers are not all created equally and some disadvantages depend on your goals, it pays to comparison shop when looking for your next VPN service provider 

    Tim Robinson

    Tim Robinson

    I research, write, and publish about VPN and other privacy tools.

    My first VPN setup was over ten years ago, and since then, it is an essential part of my internet experience. I surf the internet, stream, and work with a VPN.

    Tim Robinson

    Tim Robinson

    I research, write, and publish about VPN and other privacy tools.

    My first VPN setup was over ten years ago, and since then, it is an essential part of my internet experience. I surf the internet, stream, and work with a VPN.

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