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    Cheapest VPN for Torrenting

    Security and privacy are critical for torrenting, but which VPN offers the best bang for your buck? We'll take a look at the most affordable options around to find the cheapest VPN for torrenting.
    cheapest vpn for torrenting

    The risks of your data leaking are even higher with Torrenting, which potentially exposes your IP address to many other users. A torrent-friendly VPN allows you to download your heart’s content without fear of your online activities being monitored.

    Cheapest recommended VPNs for Torrenting

    The Verdict


    We dug through the vast expanse of the internet, searching for the best cheap VPN for torrenting on the market. Surfshark outperformed other VPNs in almost all areas, and we determined it’s the best cheap VPN for torrenting. It provides all of the basic functionality you could need, with several unique perks that other VPNs don’t have.

    5 cheapest VPNs for torrenting 

    Depending on how you use your VPN daily, your needs may vary. It’s important to consider all of the features a VPN offers and how they will suit your situation. Now that you know what features you should look for in a VPN for torrenting, let’s take a look at the top 5 Budget-friendly options we were able to find.



    Surfshark is one of the few VPNs that offers connections from an unlimited number of devices from a single account. This means no matter how many computers, phones, tablets, or other smart devices you have in your home, they will all be protected.

    You’ll also have access to several other beneficial features, such as Whitelister, which lets you choose which websites use the VPN and which ones do not. Since some applications block VPN access, this feature can be incredibly helpful. 

    Multihop is another amazing feature to look forward to with Surfshark. It works like a double VPN that sends your connection through a secondary server for additional security. The core functionality of Surfshark includes Smart DNS and a custom ad-blocker called CleanWeb.

    P2P and Privacy 

    Surfshark has over 3000 physical servers in more than 60 countries around the world. That makes it a VPN with one of the largest server counts. The diskless servers mean your data is safe from attempts to physically steal the server information. By using the volatile memory, the data is immediately wiped when removed from the physical server.

    Surfshark’s P2P optimized servers offer fast and safe file sharing between peers. Their P2P VPN supports all major peer-to-peer clients such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, and many more. A reliable kill switch is included in all plans, ensuring that your data remains secure even if your VPN loses connection. You can rest easy knowing you have superior leak protection.

    Surfshark operates in the British Virgin Islands, which allows them to uphold their no logs policy. This means they do not maintain records of your browsing history, IP addresses, bandwidth, timestamps, or network traffic. They strictly adhere to this policy, so you can be sure they are out to protect your privacy.


    Advanced encryption standards or AES-256 encrypt your data when using Surfshark. This top-level encryption is used by government agencies and is approved by the national security agency. This encryption is known to be uncrackable within a person’s lifetime and therefore is considered extremely secure.

    Surfshark supports multiple types of VPN protocols and allows you to change between them at any time. These protocols are a critical part of the encryption process and are vital in making a VPN connection.

    IKEv2 it’s incredibly fast and excels when you are connecting to a server that is physically nearby to your location. Shadowsocks is a protocol that is catered directly towards bypassing “The Great Firewall of China.” Unless you are inside of a restrictive regime, this option may not be necessary for you.

    Open VPN and WireGuard are both open-source protocols that are constantly being worked on and improved. OpenVPN excels at long-distance connections, and desktops frequently use them. WireGuard is a newer protocol and was designed with speed and power efficiency in mind.


    Users have no restrictions on download or upload speed, bandwidth, or data amounts. Of course, as with any VPN, your connection speed will typically be slower than accessing the internet without a VPN, but there are no hard caps in place by Surfshark. In many instances, the speed can be improved by switching to a server that is closer to your location.

    Not all VPNs are compatible with SOCKS5, but with Surfshark, you’re in luck. SOCKS5 compatibility is built into Surfshark’s plants, adding an even further layer of security to your protection.

    Port forwarding

    Surfshark VPN allows for port forwarding; however, I advise doing proper research before forwarding to avoid possible security risks. Port forwarding should only be done in cases that require it. Otherwise, you risk creating breaches in the security and privacy that you’re using your VPN for.



    PrivateVPN has over 60 servers available in 43 different countries, which gives you plenty of choices for connections regardless of your location. There are additional restrictions in place in certain countries, but even in stricter countries, PrivateVPN has you covered.

    Users can have up to six connected devices at any time, and there are applications available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux devices. The applications themselves are easy to install and use with a friendly UI and powerful default settings that don’t require in-depth knowledge of the inner systems to get right.

    P2P and Privacy 

    PrivateVPN’s security tools aim at maximizing user privacy while maintaining high connection speeds and low latency. They keep a privacy policy free from monitoring or logging to ensure your personal details remain personal. 

    PrivateVPN allows P2P sharing through their network, and since they never record activity, you can enjoy the security. This is a solid option for a cheap P2P VPN.


    Advanced encryption standard AES-256-bit encryption protects all data that passes through this VPN. This is the same level of encryption used for military-grade purposes. The advanced methods used by PrivateVPN ensure they’re able to secure your data with a minimal impact on your speed.

    PrivateVPN offers numerous protocols to choose from, with the default protocol being OpenVPN via UDP and TCP. The windows version of the application has an automatic kill switch feature that will suspend your internet connection for you if your VPN ever disconnects. You can rest easy knowing that this will prevent any data leak.


    Speed is one of the main factors that PrivateVPN focuses on, using only the fastest protocols. Regardless of your physical location, they aim to provide incredibly high-speed connections for all users. Some PrivateVPN servers are compatible with SOCKS5 Proxy.

    PrivateVPN uses high-quality networks to optimize their internet capacity, and in turn, your speeds. They also do not put a speed panel there on you for larger downloads, thanks to their unlimited bandwidth.

    Port forwarding

    PrivateVPN does not widely support port forwarding; however, they do have at least one open port on their services. You may need to switch servers to find one that does allow for port forwarding. However, the option is there when you need it for torrenting or other applications.



    Boasting more than 3500 servers in over a hundred different locations, Ivacy it’s truly a strong VPN option. The wide array of server options means you can safely bypass even the most tricky of geo-restrictions. The service supports up to 10 simultaneous devices, meaning your subscription can help protect yourself and your family members.

    In addition to being a great VPN, Ivacy offers network-level malware protection to help defend you from malware long before it reaches your device. Another wonderful benefit that Ivacy has is the ability to pay with a wide range of payment methods, including Bitcoin.

    P2P and Privacy 

    Ivacy has a zero-logging policy, meaning they do not monitor or record your data. This includes your connection logs, VPN IP addresses, browsing history, and timestamps. Their servers are peer-to-peer optimized, which allows you to download files safely.


    Like many of the VPNs for torrenting we’ve looked at, Ivacy uses AES-256-bit encryption for the utmost security. They also offer an internet kill switch that helps any internet activity when your VPN drops the connection. The inclusion of a kill switch is key in preventing your information from being exposed to potential dangers.


    High-speed downloading is one of the main features Ivacy focuses on delivering. Their servers are well optimized, giving you the opportunity to experience uninterrupted downloading at the highest speeds possible. When paired with the multitude of server options present with Ivacy, you’ll be cruising through your downloads easily.

    Ivacy VPN does not support SOCKS5. The SOCKS protocol is most useful for people who do not already have a VPN installed. Some VPNs do have compatibility with SOCKS5. However, it is not required to have a highly functional and efficient VPN. Ivacy is able to offer the functionality that SOCKS5 delivers with the addition of other key features, making SOCKS5 compatibility unnecessary.

    Port forwarding

    Ivacy does not offer a built-in port forwarding option for their basic plans; however, you can purchase port forwarding as an add-on when you select your plan. Since this feature isn’t required, it’s nice to have the option to add it if you have a specific use for frequent port forwarding.



    State-of-the-art security for up to 7 different devices is a significant selling point for CyberGhost VPN. Spread across 91 countries, they have over 7000 servers, providing excellent reliability and speed. 

    P2P and Privacy 

    CyberGhost takes pride in its strict no-log policy guaranteed to enhance your online security. They are able to put your privacy first due to their location in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction. Your information will never be shared with third parties. For torrenting, there are several dedicated servers set up specifically for peer-to-peer transfers. 


    For optimal protection, CyberGhost uses the newest protocols available. The protocols they support include OpenVPN, iKEv2, and WireGuard. All of your data gets locked using AES-256 encryption, so there’s no chance of a third party cracking the code. Of course, you’ll also have the added protection of the built-in kill switch, just in case your connection drops.

    CyberGhost has applications available for the standard Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Most impressively are the VPN apps designed for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and even routers. This ensures you’ll be protected no matter which device you’re browsing on.


    With a high value on the speed and efficiency of their VPN, CyberGhost invested heavily in their server network. The high server count and impressive infrastructure work hand-in-hand to provide amazing speeds.

    The bandwidth and traffic through CyberGhost are completely unlimited. You never have to worry about limitations from heavy usage. If you torrent large files frequently, this is a necessity. CyberGhost strives to offer the highest VPN speeds possible, so you don’t have to experience any more two-day torrent downloads.

    Port forwarding

    If you need a VPN that supports port forwarding, unfortunately, this isn’t the one for you. CyberGhost VPN doesn’t allow port forwarding on their servers. That won’t be a problem in most instances, but for anyone who regularly needs to use port forwarding.



    Private Internet Access is a great affordable VPN for torrenting, with over 20,000 servers spread across 77 countries. The sheer size of this VPN is astounding, and there are a number of incredible features that their plans include.

    P2P and Privacy 

    Peer-to-Peer support is crucial to a torrent-friendly VPN, and PIA has you covered on this front. With P2P support built-in, you can transfer files without any unnecessary headaches. 

    Logs of any kind are a strict no with Private Internet Access VPN. They don’t collect any data, history, or logs from their users. Your privacy is their utmost concern, and they place a high value on protecting your information.


    PIA uses top-tier encryption based on the Blowfish CBC algorithm. There are several protocol options available with OpenVPN as the default and WireGuard, and IPSec support. No matter how risky your nearby network is, you can sleep easy, knowing you are protected.

    The kill switch option for PIA is less straightforward than some other VPNs, requiring you to locate it within the Advanced settings menu inside of the application. Despite needing to manually enable this setting, it’s a much-needed feature to ensure you don’t accidentally expose private information to a third party. 


    With their unmatched server numbers, you can count on some truly impressive speeds from PIA. Speed limiting also won’t be an issue with PIA, as they place no limits on your bandwidth or connection speeds. You’ll be able to quickly and easily complete any downloads without worrying about data caps or throttling. 

    SOCKS5 compatibility is available with Private Internet Access VPN. The support is a welcomed addition, though torrenting with a VPN doesn’t require it.

    Port forwarding

    The functionality for Port Forwarding is included with PIA by default. There are options available directly inside the applications on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices. PIA even has manual port forwarding options if you need them for a specific purpose. You’ll need to enable port forwarding before you can use it, but once enabled, you can easily use this functionality to optimize the performance of your torrenting.

    What makes a cheap VPN good for torrenting?

    There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when deciding which VPN is best for torrenting. P2P support is a must-have since torrenting cannot happen without peer-to-peer transfers. 

    You want to make sure the VPN has a privacy policy that protects all of your data. High-quality encryption and a reliable kill switch are also mandatory for safe browsing and downloading. The last things you’ll want to think about are speed and Socket Secure compatibility (SOCKS5). 

    • P2P support
    • Privacy
    • Encryption
    • Kill Switch
    • Speeds
    • Socks5 compatibility
    • Port Forwarding

    P2P support

    Peer-to-Peer server support is needed to use any VPN for torrenting. They allow users to share resources directly with each other without using a centralized system. This helps keep your online activity private. Peer-to-Peer networks allow for the efficient downloading of big file sizes. 


    A VPN won’t do much good if your data is being monitored or collected by the VPN company. A privacy-friendly company that values customer transparency is key when selecting a cheap VPN for torrenting. As tedious as it may be, this is one of those instances where you’ll want to read the fine print.

    So, what information should a VPN protect? Your browsing history is one of the key benefits of using a VPN, as your history will always be kept private. Using a VPN also helps prevent targeted advertisements based on your recent searches.

    When using a VPN, your location and IP address are hidden from others. Since people aren’t able to view your IP address, this ensures they cannot determine your location. Another benefit is your online location is not tied to your physical location. Changing your location on the fly allows you to access websites and streaming services that are normally blocked for your country. 


    One of the primary reasons to use a VPN is for protection when accessing unsecured public networks. This is especially true when torrenting because security and privacy are crucial to being able to torrent reliably. Encryption prevents your information from being seen by unwanted third parties. 

    By taking all data and passing it through a secure algorithm, the output is unreadable without knowing the key. The means that only authorized parties can gain access to the data that was encrypted. Your VPN needs to use encryption that is up to date to protect you from new threats, as well as keep speeds at their highest. 

    Kill Switch

    If you rely on your VPN for privacy, you’ll want to make sure your VPN has an automatic kill switch that works reliably. A kill switch’s purpose is to terminate your internet connection when you lose connection to the VPN. This means your online activity, history, and IP address remain hidden. 

    Without a kill switch, your data is at risk of exposure whenever a VPN connection is lost since your internet would remain functional and would no longer be secured behind the VPN.


    Torrenting deals with larger than average file sizes, and speeds can take a hit for the largest downloads. VPN’s themselves reduce your overall download and upload speeds due to rerouting your data through their servers. When on the hunt for the best VPNs for torrenting, you’ll want to take a close look at how their speeds compare to other options.

    The number of servers and locations available can greatly affect the speed of a VPN. More servers and countries to choose from means you have a higher chance of having one nearby. The closer a server is to your true location, the less speed loss you’ll experience. You’ll also get better speeds when the servers are less populated, so more servers are a plus here.

    SOCKS5 Compatibility

    The latest version of the SOCKS protocol is SOCKS5 and offers ridiculous efficiency and reliable connections. This feature is provided by many VPNs in order to allow users to conceal their true IP addresses. By doing so, users can bypass a blacklist or IP block. This is also great to get around a VPNs IP address that has been blocked by a service.

    This most recent version of the SOCKS protocol utilizes UDP and TCP to send data faster than ever. It supports data from numerous types, making it a flexible option for a wide variety of uses. In most cases, you won’t need SOCKS5 compatibility when you’re using a VPN for torrenting. Unless you have a specific need to use SOCKS5, the lack of support isn’t a downside.

    Port forwarding

    Just like port forwarding in your router can increase the speeds you see, port forwarding in a VPN can also increase the connection speeds. Port forwarding reroutes information from incoming connections for faster torrenting speeds.

    Why A Cheap VPN is Better Than A Free One

    Sometimes, it’s hard to see the benefits of a VPN firsthand because nothing will happen on your end if they are working properly. You only notice a problem when your security fails. Some people may consider a free VPN in place of a paid option, even if it’s low-cost. This is one of those instances where you get what you pay for, and when your security is at stake, it’s best not to take chances. 

    A free VPN usually lacks certain features or functionality that are needed to truly keep you safe online. They tend to use lower-level encryption or older protocols that may be vulnerable to certain types of attacks. In general, a VPN lowers your connection speeds; however, a free VPN is much more likely to have a drastic impact on your browsing experience. 

    Any free service has to be supported by something, and in a lot of cases, a free VPN is paid for by advertisements shown in your browser. This may not seem like a big deal, but these advertisements can leave behind a cookie that can compromise the security you are using a VPN for.

    Tim Robinson

    Tim Robinson

    I research, write, and publish about VPN and other privacy tools.

    My first VPN setup was over ten years ago, and since then, it is an essential part of my internet experience. I surf the internet, stream, and work with a VPN.

    Tim Robinson

    Tim Robinson

    I research, write, and publish about VPN and other privacy tools.

    My first VPN setup was over ten years ago, and since then, it is an essential part of my internet experience. I surf the internet, stream, and work with a VPN.

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