The 7 Best VPNs For Xiaomi (Review & Guide)

Although Xiaomi is a relative newcomer to the field, I’ve discovered that Xiaomi phones come with great hardware and features at lower costs than I had expected. Being a netizen myself, the first thing that came to my mind was what VPN would be best suited for Xiaomi devices. That said, what are the best VPNs for Xiaomi?

The following are the seven best VPNs for Xiaomi devices:

  1. NordVPN – Fast VPN For Privacy
  2. ExpressVPN – Trusted & Secure
  3. Surfshark – Secure VPN Proxy
  4. IPVanish – Fast, Private, And Secure
  5. Hotspot Shield – VPN Proxy & Secure VPN
  6. TunnelBear – VPN & Security
  7. VPN By CyberGhost – Secure Wi-Fi

One of the best ways to define what VPN is best for you is to examine the security features and which operating system it is compatible with. Since Xiaomi runs on Android, there are many options available. This list shortens it to the best. So, what kind of security measures and features do these VPNs bring to your Xiaomi device?

7 Of The Best VPNs For Xiaomi Users

Suppose you enjoy the idea of buying a VPN for whatever reason, whether it’s to safeguard your online privacy, watch geo-blocked content, or anything else. In that case, you’ll almost certainly want to use it on your Xiaomi smartphone. Fortunately, every reputable VPN company will offer robust Android VPN software for download. 

An Android VPN can protect your personal data and allow you to access otherwise geo-restricted applications, streaming video, and more while providing a safe connection online – especially when you’re utilizing public Wi-Fi or cellular to surf the web.

I’ve compiled a list of the finest VPN services available for Xiaomi devices, with everything from helpful customer service and simple UI to ingenious security smarts and additional features, all with your Xiaomi device in mind, starting with NordVPN.

NordVPN – Fast VPN For Privacy

  • NordVPN is simple to use and dependable.
  • Server count: over 5,200 servers
  • There are 62 VPN server locations.
  • NordVPN is based in Panama and is governed by Panamanian law.

With over 10 million downloads and a high Google Play rating, the NordVPN app is a great hit. It also boasts several excellent features, such as ‘Double VPN‘ technology, which encrypts your connection by routing it via two independent VPN servers rather than just one. 

The service also has a “zero logs” policy, which doesn’t trace the user’s online behavior. It is also backed up on Android by ioXt Alliance accreditation. While NordVPN’s primary focus is on security and privacy, it also excels in other areas. 

The Android app for your Xiaomi is simple to use. It has several useful features such as split tunneling, better CyberSec malware protection, the option to connect to NordVPN automatically whenever you connect to a Wi-Fi network, and the fast NordLynx protocol

The app also has a live chat tool for customer service available 24/7. Although there is no built-in kill switch, a comparable tool may be easily implemented in the settings. Extra remarkable capabilities such as P2P and obfuscated servers are also easily accessible.

As far as I’m concerned, Nord should look at the app’s appearance and abandon the app’s somewhat cumbersome default map approach for selecting your location (although I’ve noted that you can do so via a more standard list format if you scroll down). Why not just use a standard kill switch instead of the hoop-jumping?

However, there are just a few minor drawbacks. And Nord’s general prowess at unblocking websites and circumventing streaming restrictions is nearly unrivaled.

ExpressVPN – Trusted And Secure

  • It provides Split tunneling.
  • You can get Unlimited server switches.
  • It has a 99.99% uptime.
  • It has a built-in Kill Switch.
  • Best-in-class encryption.
  • All major platforms supported.
  • No activity logs.
  • 145+ servers, 94 countries.

ExpressVPN claims that its network is powered by TrustedServer technology, which the firm developed to ensure no logs of customers’ online actions are kept. 

I’ve experienced that ExpressVPN has an excellent track record in terms of privacy, having had a VPN server seized by authorities, proving its zero-log promise to be accurate at the time. 

I really enjoy how well-written the VPN setup tutorials are and how thorough the FAQ is. As with the other top VPN services I’ve studied, ExpressVPN has a VPN kill switch function that prevents data from leaking outside the private VPN tunnel if the VPN connection is lost. 

However, unlike the others, ExpressVPN earned points for accepting bitcoin as a payment method, something not all of my favorites do but which offers an extra degree of security at checkout. ExpressVPN has been in operation since 2009 and has an extensive network of fast VPN servers distributed over 94 countries. 

Its most affordable option is less than $7 per month for a yearly subscription that includes three months free.

Surfshark – Secure VPN Proxy

  • It has a built-in Ad-Blocker.
  • You can use it on unlimited devices.
  • Excellent data transfer rates.
  • An unlimited number of connections.
  • It has a killswitch.
  • Private DNS & leak protection.
  • It comes with a Camouflage Mode and NoBorders Mode.

When it comes to their Android VPN solutions, it isn’t easy to see the difference between Surfshark and other VPNs on this list — a trend that ran throughout my Surfshark study. However, there are a few compelling reasons I would recommend choosing Surfshark.

To begin with, Surfshark has a surprising amount of extra features, like a kill switch and split tunneling, as well as more complex capabilities like HackLock and BlindSearch.

In terms of streaming performance, Surfshark is second only to ExpressVPN, having an extensive Netflix library, as well as iPlayer and other services. You won’t have to wait for anything to buffer when you’re out and about, thanks to the impressive speeds, mainly when using WireGuard.

Its most notable feature, however, is the policy of infinite connections. If you find Surfshark to be your choice for your Xiaomi device and wonder if you can have it on multiple other devices, you’ll be glad to know that you can install Surfshark on any of them and still protect all of your laptops, desktops, and routers.

IPVanish – Fast, Private, And Secure

  • Multi-Platform Security.
  • Bandwidth is limitless.
  • It encrypts data with 256 bit AES.
  • There are no logs.
  • Torrenting is anonymous.
  • P2P traffic is unlimited.
  • SOCKS5 is a web proxy protocol.
  • Access to geo-restricted content.

IPVanish is a complex and highly adjustable product that masquerades as a one-click solution. It, I believe, is the firm selling itself short. At the first look at its website, I thought it represented itself as a relatively standard VPN service, although that isn’t entirely accurate. 

Its user interface offers a large number of server selection choices and some impressive performance visuals. It also offers a wide range of protocols, so you’ll know what to anticipate no matter what you’re connected to. In addition, the firm gives an outstanding server list with up-to-date status information. 

The program itself has a plethora of customizing possibilities. In terms of performance, I’ve experienced that the connection was lightning quick. Overall, the transfer performance was satisfactory. 

However, even though the data transported was safe, it could not disguise the fact that I was connecting using a VPN.

Overall, a reliable product with a positive user experience suitable for home connections, including your Xiaomi device, as long as you are not attempting to disguise the fact that you are using a VPN. SugarSync is a partner of the firm, and each plan includes 250GB of secured cloud storage.

Hotspot Shield – VPN Proxy & Secure VPN

  • VPN Servers of the Highest Quality.
  • You can browse in private mode.
  • Access to all content is unlimited.
  • Malware protection is provided.
  • Ad-Free.
  • Bandwidth is limitless.
  • Personal Data Protection.
  • Wi-Fi security.

Hotspot Shield might be the finest Android VPN for your Xiaomi device if you want speed and security without having to do anything. While it’s recognized for its high-quality free VPN, the subscription version takes it to the next level.

The Android version employs the same Catapult Hydra protocol as the PC clients, and Hotspot Shield delivered connection rates of around 400Mbps in my Hotspot Shield evaluation. If you’ve already made the switch to 5G, your VPN won’t slow you down here.

It’s pretty easy to get started with the app. You’ll be able to join with only one tap, and you’ll have access to a list of several global servers. However, if you’re looking for more advanced settings, you’re out of luck — Hotspot’s mobile VPN services are quite effective, but they don’t enable the user to make various changes.

However, for many people, this may be acceptable, as the fantastic speeds more than compensate for the lack of complex capabilities. Hotspot Shield might be a fantastic choice if you want to take advantage of the impending 5G speeds – and the latest price cut makes it even more enticing.

TunnelBear – VPN & Security

  • It has Vigilant mode.
  • Tunnel with the closest proximity.
  • It’s always on.
  • There will be no logging.
  • Fast internet access.
  • It provides safe Wi-Fi protection.
  • It supplies a global connection.
  • It has powerful encryption.

TunnelBear encrypts its data with AES-256 and authenticates it using SHA-256, the most significant level of information security. They also use the Diffie-Hellman Exchange (DH), in which cryptographic keys are sent across a public network. When it comes to encryption, the more bits used, the more secure the transaction. 

Tunnelbear supports 2048-bit DH on Windows, 3072-bit DH on macOS and iOS, and 4096-bit on Android, making it one of the best options for Xiaomi devices. TunnelBear has shown its dedication to safety and security by contracting Cure53 to evaluate the product. 

TunnelBear continues to strengthen its security when holes are uncovered, according to audit2, which is completed every year. TunnelBear did not log my web traffic, which is a crucial reason why VPNs are used. While all VPNs must log some data, such as my payment details and email addresses, TunnelBear did not.

TunnelBear did, however, keep track of my operating system, the months I used the service, and when I performed key things with my account, such as creating it and making payments, which is quite basic.

VPN By CyberGhost – Secure Wi-Fi

  • 256 bit AES encryption.
  • Live chat assistance is available around the clock.
  • Kill switch that is activated automatically.
  • VPN with a lot of speed.
  • There is no restriction to the amount of bandwidth or traffic you may use.
  • It has Ad-Block features.
  • There are almost 3,700 servers throughout the world.
  • It has DNS and IP leak protection.

Even in this day and age, some VPNs ignore their mobile VPN apps, to the point that I find myself having a worse experience on my smartphone and tablets than on my PC. 

However, that’s not the case with CyberGhost (or any on this list, in fact), whose creators have clearly put in a lot of time and effort to create an Android VPN that is on par with what you’ll find on your computer.

As a result, you won’t be disappointed by the lack of functionality on your Xiaomi device. With CyberGhost, you may pick between OpenVPN and WireGuard, with a toggle to connect automatically anytime your smartphone connects to an unsafe Wi-Fi network.

Apart from the essentials, I enjoy that the app includes tiny extras like its Content Blocker, which is a helpful addition to any Android antivirus that filters URLs that might lead you to malware and trackers. 

Split tunneling is also supported in this software, and while there isn’t a specific kill switch, you can acquire one with a simple workaround.

CyberGhost has a high server count, with over 7,000 currently online. Another area where the intelligent people in the back room appear to have concentrated is the server connection speeds. 

WireGuard was put on with our 1Gbps in the UK, and we got maximum speeds of 860Mbps. To be honest, that’s fantastic, and it undoubtedly sets a high standard for competitors to meet.

There’s still space for improvement here if CyberGhost wants to join the select few Android VPNs; I’d certainly like to see it join its competition and hire some independent auditors to inform us how secure our data is. 

However, you can be sure that this app’s performance is more than capable of doing the job for your Xiaomi device.

How To Choose The Best VPN For Your Xiaomi Device

Speed, security, number of servers, and simplicity of use are all crucial elements of any Android VPN, with the latter being the most critical factor for many users. ExpressVPN is my preferred VPN for Xiaomi devices because they use Android operating systems and because of the combination of these capabilities and a long-standing reputation for quality.

The best Android VPN will have a kill switch, among other features, to safeguard you in the unusual event that your connection breaks, shielding you from the risks of whatever unprotected network you’re on. Split tunneling, which isolates the traffic of distinct programs, is another feature to keep an eye on. 

It allows you to send specific traffic over the VPN while leaving others on your regular connection. While Express is at the top of my list, the other six powerful competitors offer a variety of experiences for various users.


It’s essential to have an Android VPN on your Xiaomi device, mainly when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Because these networks are frequently unencrypted, other people on the same network may be able to access your device. The encryption provided by a mobile VPN protects you and your data from prospective hackers, and I believe the little monthly charge is well worth it.

With that said, take your time to run through the list and determine which one suits your needs best.