5 Best Cheap VPN

Learn How VPN Services Are Reviewed and Ranked

Monthly PlanAnnual PlanCheapest Plan
Namecheap$5.88 /mo$2.88 /mo$1.88 /mo 36 months
Surfshark€9.89 /mo€4.99 /mo€1.75 /mo 24 months
Ivacy$9.95 /mo$3.33 /mo1 Day Account Free
Trust.zone€6.39 /mo€3 /mo€2.09 /mo 24 months
GooseVPN$12.99 /mo$4.99 /mo$139 Lifetime
CyberGhost€12.99 /mo€5.99 /mo€3.69 /mo 24 months
FrootVPN$4.99 /mo$2.99 /mo$2.99 /mo 12 months

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is the most common way for businesses to keep all of their employees connected on the same secure network, and also for individuals to circumnavigate things like restricted access sites. The story stretches all the way back to 1996 when a Microsoft employee was working on a Peer-To-Peer Tunnelling Protocol that ended up being published under the new name VPN in 1999. Since then it has got easier and easier to establish your own VPN, something that millions of people do every single day for a variety of different reasons.

Of course, VPNs are still used most extensively in the world of business, however, it has become increasingly popular for individuals to make use of them outside the world of work. There are various positives to using a cheap VPN, however, privacy, security and anonymity are amongst the most important. Nowadays there are a plethora of VPN providers out there, so it pays off to know what the best cheap VPNs are. Read on for an exploration into cheap VPN services!

Cheap VPNs are better than free

It is the 21st century now, right? And this means that most internet technology products can be found for free. The same goes for VPNs; you don’t have to look very hard to be able to find a provider that won’t result in any money being spent. Sure, a free VPN may sound appealing on first glance, but the truth is that cheap VPNs are still way better than free VPNs for a variety of different reasons.

Firstly, pretty much all free VPNs will have some kind of data limit attached to them, and whilst this may not particularly affect some people, it will do if you are looking to stream, download or upload large content. Furthermore, cheap VPNs have many more servers and locations available, whereas free VPNs tend to only offer one location, and one set of servers. This results in much better VPN speeds when you pay, and nobody likes a slow internet connection. Finally, free VPNs come with a plethora of advertisements in most cases, as opposed to the streamlined experience of cheap VPNs.

Cheap VPN for Streaming and P2P

Now then, free VPNs are also rather restricted in what they can and can’t do. For instance, with a free VPN, you would have trouble unblocking websites like Netflix, and you also won’t be able to do much streaming or P2P file sharing in most instances. This all changes when you enter the world of cheap VPN services, as these products just offer that extra bang for your buck.

Of course, it isn’t just as simple as saying that all cheap VPNs will be able to unblock Netflix, allow streaming and other services, mainly because they all work slightly differently. Cheap VPN UK examples for Netflix are companies such as Surfshark and Trust.Zone, however, there are plenty more to choose from. It is good practice to research exactly what a cheap VPN offers before paying, as this will mitigate the chances of disappointment.

A cheap VPN for different devices

Nowadays, there are several different electronic devices that people can commonly have, and all of which are able to connect to the internet. What this means is that the vast majority of potential customers will be looking for a cheap VPN that can work on several different appliances. The best cheap VPN will, therefore, have to work on multiple devices, and the good news is that these VPN services are readily available.

For instance, VPN providers like Surfshark, Ivacy, Trust.Zone, GooseVPN and CyberGhost all offer VPN services for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. To top things off, these options are all available off the same subscription, too.

How much is a cheap VPN?

As with most things in life, cheap VPN UK services come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and will thus have varying costs associated with them. The first thing to realise here is that the best cheap VPNs do not tend to be bought with a single purchase, rather a monthly or yearly subscription plan, much like other services such as broadband or television.

Generally, the best cheap VPNs will have a monthly subscription that sits in the region of £2-£5 a month, although this isn’t always the case. In fact, due to the competitive nature of the VPN provider market, there are now many companies that are offering things like 75% off discounts, so there has never been a better time to invest in a cheap VPN. For example, cheap VPN UK services from the likes of Surfshark can be available from as little as £1.65 per month!

Long term plans

Although cheap VPNs inherently are not the most expensive things in the world, it still pays off to know a few ways in which you can save money if you are looking for a VPN service for the long haul. Most VPN providers offer discounts for customers that pay for yearly subscriptions instead of monthly subscriptions, and you would be surprised how much money can be saved if you take the plunge.

Take Surfshark, for example, which offers customers the chance to pay a £38 upfront free for 2 years, working out at approximately £1.65 per month. Generally, you can save at least a couple of quid a month by paying for your cheap VPN services in this way, however it does rely on slightly more commitment.

5 Best Cheap VPNs

The basics of cheap VPN UK services have been covered now, so let’s get onto exploring the 5 best cheap VPNs for customers in 2020:


surfshark review

Surfshark has been mentioned a couple of times in the article already, and this isn’t a surprise, because this VPN services provider is definitely the cheapest on the market at the moment. Prices start from as little as £1.65 per month when paid biannually, and you also get unlimited devices on which to run your Surfshark subscription.


ivacy vpn review

Ivacy is a very well rounded cheap VPN, with customers being able to access sites such as Netflix with it, as well as P2P file-sharing networks too. Users have reported extraordinarily good connection speeds for such a cheap VPN, and the Ivacy team have even included a kill switch that immediately shuts off the connection if it is compromised.



Trust.Zone is very cheap, however, some VPN users will not be very happy about the lack of iOS and Mac connectivity. Moreover, Trust.Zone isn’t able to connect to Netflix and other such sites, but it does allow for P2P file sharing.



GooseVPN is widely regarded as one of the fastest cheap VPN services around, and it also comes complete with an intuitive interface. There is a 50 GB plan available from as little as £2 a month too, so it is one of the cheapest options on the market.


cyberghost review

CyberGhost is a solid professional VPN service that will appeal to businesses and individual customers. With prices going from around £2.50 a month it is slightly more expensive than some others on this list, but CyberGhost more than makes up for this with its exceptional connection speed.


There are many reasons why somebody would want to use a cheap VPN in today’s world, and with the crazy amount of options available, there is no reason why you shouldn’t!