5 Best VPN for Kodi

Developed by a non-profit consortium for mass entertainment, Kodi (formerly known as XMBC) is an open-source program that functions on a wide range of devices and systems such as Windows, OSX, Linux, and Android.

It’s a fantastic piece of freeware that allows users worldwide to stream shows, movies, and other audiovisual media. It has a broad user base and a plethora of add-ons that use P2P torrents to access films, music albums, and games at no cost.

Why is it useful to utilize VPNs when streaming on Kodi?

Seasoned users of Kodi know how frustrating it can be when regulation blocks access to streaming services and content. In Canada and the United States, for example, streaming trademarked media falls into a legal gray area that can often be tricky to navigate – hence the reason why internet service providers (ISPs) block some Kodi add-ons from connecting to servers.

Keep in mind that ISPs make their own rules. Although it isn’t technically illegal to view a short version of copyrighted media (users can, after all, argue that watching a non-downloaded stream doesn’t constitute piracy), mainstream ISPs may not necessarily agree with that opinion.

Your internet service provider can either put a chokehold on your bandwidth usage or cut off service entirely. This is why Kodi and virtual private networks (VPNs) go together perfectly like peanut butter and jelly. Not only does a VPN cloak your digital presence from unwanted snooping, but it also does several nifty tricks that make the Kodi viewing experience smoother, faster, and – more importantly – safer.

VPN is Kodi’s best friend.

Bandwidth throttling is the most common way service providers discourage the use of Kodi applications. Most ISPs use this process to limit network congestion and prevent crashing servers.

Without a VPN, you may experience slow loading times and frequent buffering stalls due to limited bandwidth usage. A virtual private network can help bypass such restrictions. Your ISP cannot legally slow your network traffic if you’re paying for a specific speed, such as 100 MBps. Recently, however, legislation in America has changed thanks to the repeal of Net Neutrality in 2017.

The 2017 repeal is terrible news for P2P aficionados and Kodi users – which is why you should consider installing a VPN. It prevents ISPs from sifting through your traffic, making it seem as if you’re using the network for ordinary online tasks. A reliable VPN unshackles the chains of the Kodi software, allowing it to function with almost limitless capacity. Imagine viewing rare and unusual content with just a push of a button, unbound by geo-blocked restrictions. Utilizing a VPN for your Kodi is like a shot of adrenalin through the veins: if you thought the Kodi program was amazing, wait until you pair it up with one of the five VPNs’ve listed below.

1. NordVPN

nordvpn - best vpn services

Encrypting your traffic on Kodi has never been easier, thanks to NordVPN straightforward app, which can be installed on any device that runs Windows, Android, iOS, or Linux. It’s so easy to use that you don’t even need to install a VPN add-on to the Kodi program because NordVPN performs the encryption automatically.

Not only will you enjoy NordVPN’s award-winning service, but you’ll also benefit from a multitude of servers and selectable countries. Experienced users will attest to this company’s longstanding record of providing unlimited data, blistering network speed, and unrivaled customer support.

Payment plans start at a reasonable $11.95 a month to a generous $3.95 a month for bi-annual subscribers.

2. ProtonVPN

protonvpn review

ProtonVPN a laser-sharp focus on privacy with a commitment to providing some of the fastest network speeds available in the market. This VPN not only unblocks popular streaming services like Netflix or YouTube but also protects your device from bandwidth throttling and hackable security flaws.

3. Surfshark

surfshark review

Similar to NordVPN, Surfshark doesn’t need to be configured into the Kodi program because it automatically encrypts your data in the device. Users who want to utilize P2P add-ons will be glad to know that Surfshark supports VPN torrenting. At a meager introductory price of $1.94 a month for paid subscribers, it’s one of the best VPNs for streaming and downloading restricted content. This offer may not last long for new clients, so if you want to save a hefty chunk of cash, then it’s the perfect time to sign up.

4. IvacyVPN

ivacy vpn review

Still reluctant to use a VPN? Why not give IvacyVPN a shot? The company’s military-grade encryption protocols and anti-malware protection comes at a budget-friendly $2.25 monthly on a two-year term.

Japanese animation fans who use Kodi to view KissAnime streams or new J-Drama episodes on Crunchyroll should take advantage of an Ivacy subscription. This VPN has cross-platform functionalities, allowing users to view shows on their daily commute. Easy to install, download, and operate.

5. PrivateVPN

privatevpn review

A newly-developed challenger in the VPN arena, PrivateVPN is continuously evolving its services, adding more features and benefits regularly. The company’s 2048-bit encryption with AES 256 has been used by government agencies and is considered the most rigorous protocol in today’s market.

PrivateVPN supports anonymous P2P torrenting, which means you can safely use all Kodi add-ons without any hassle. Another considerable benefit of signing up for their services is a direct line to the developers themselves. Need help or advice regarding internet privacy and security? PrivateVPN’s staff has you covered in more ways than one.


Are you thinking of installing a VPN? Always go for premium services over free trial versions. Most free VPNs have finite amounts of data to spare, which may not be enough to ensure a lossless viewing session on Kodi.

Paid VPN subscriptions have better speed, robust privacy protocols, constant updates that pace well alongside new surveillance technologies, and geo-blocking restrictions. Internet service providers will always find methods to discourage the use of P2P applications. By contributing a small monthly fee, you’re not just buying a product – you’re also funding the creation of future privacy and security tools.

So why not download and install a VPN today? By doing so, you can finally kick back, relax on your couch, and start watching movies on Kodi with the peace of mind that comes with privacy and freedom.